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In a team that has theobjective to develop an organizational business plan, there arevarious key strengths that I would bring to the team. One of keyattributes is communication. A business plan is essential for thesuccess of a new business (Hull,2013). As a result, each component of a business plan has to be effectivelycommunicated. The stakeholders in the organization have to understandthe key components of the plan. For instance each employee should have the ability to sell companypolicy and implement company objectives viably. I would thereforeadvice the team to ensure that each section of the plan is wellhighlighted and written in order to ensure easy communication.

Innovationis another integral strength that I would bring to the team.Innovation plays an integral part in business planning in that thecompany should come up with new and marketable products to increasevisibility and profit (Hull,2013). Innovation therefore entails coming up with new solutions toproduct manufacture, devising new ways of running the organizationand new approaches of sales and marketing. I would thereforepropagate that the team members integrate innovation in thebusiness plan.

Projectmanagement should be properly looked into. By identifying theobjectives and marketing and product sales strategies a business planalso outlines the projects to be undertaken by the organization. Asa manager, one should asses each and every project the companyundertakes while overseeing the profits that the said project canachieve. Each project should have a time frame with which it shouldbe completed with the regards to the expenses accrued in implementingit. Project management skills are therefore essential.

Inconclusion, a business plan is viable in helping the organizationachieve its goals with the required long and short terms objectives of the organization. The team should therefore implement this strengths to the letter in order to succeed.


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