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Domino’sstage of corporate ethical development is amoral. They are onlyconcerned about law and ethics if they get caught. They break the lawand speed because they won’t be caught. It’s corporate socialresponsibility is unethical, this owes to a plethora of rewards forsuccess and penalties for failure.

Right to safe working conditions. The driver’s lives are put atrisk here because they are breaking road safety laws to make endsmeet for them.

The manager is in stage two of moral development using Kohlberg’sframework. It emphasizes on costs and benefits of alternative coursesof action. He fails to sympathize with the driver as a victim of anaccident and orders him to get back to work.

The moral development of the students who gave wrong directions is instage six. They seemingly follow their self-chosen principles ofjustice and right. To them, it is not wrong to connive their way togetting free pizza. If the students are aware of the harm they causeby lying, they should be punished.


Their corporate ethical development is amoral. They were willing toincrease the pilot’s working hours so long as they don’t getcaught. Its corporate social responsibility is illegal, and thegovernment had already passed a law. But, they were willing to goagainst it in the name of ‘cost cutting.`

Right to safe working conditions. The pilot’s number of workinghours was exceeded past the standard stipulated time.

Ethically,they should have been made aware of they were on test flights. Thisis because a client on board the plane paid for the service forexchange of quality service. But, test flights are not a guarantee ofa safe flight and passengers on board should be volunteers. So whenan accident happens, the passenger will not blame or sue the airline,because they were aware the guarantee of safety was low.

Yes,I would find it worthy of whistleblowing. Because, under the morethan eight hours work policy, they would cause serious harm topassengers and crew onboard. I also would have had a valid beliefthat revealing the wrong-doing of my firm would change its behavior.