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TheSteps That I Had Taken Over the Last One Year

Sincethe time I was recessed from MSU for one year due to my bad grade, Ihave taken numerous steps to ensure that I improve on my Englishskills. It is essential to state that my poor English skillscontributed immensely to the poor grade that I got and therefore theefforts I have been taking have been geared towards ensuring that theEnglish skills improve immensely. One of the steps that I have takensince being recessed is hiring a private English tutor who has beenassisting and guiding me towards the improvement of my Englishskills. It is worth mentioning that the private tutor has beenextremely helpful in ensuring that I gain immense skills in myEnglish language. Additionally, I have also sought for internshipback in China, where I put my English skills into the test.


MyPlans for Improving My Grade

Tostart with, I plan to always attend every class on time. It isessential to note that attending all classes on time will ensure thatI gain every detail from the tutors and also have the opportunity toask any questions that I might be having regarding the class.Secondly, I plan to ensure that I complete all the homework assignedto me on time and submit it to the respective tutor. This will ensurethat I do not lose any marks from the homework assignments that areassigned to me by the tutors hence contributing to my overall grade.Additionally, it is essential to see the advisor severally to ensurethat I get assisted wherever I have a problem. It is vital to notethat students have various needs such as emotional needs and ourfinancial needs which they need guidance on. It would be essential toget assistance for the various problems I might be having from thetutors or the professor. This will ensure that am emotionally stableand therefore ready to study and get good grades.

Inaddition to my plans and steps to improve my academic grades, I alsointend to graduate before my parents retire. My parents will retireearlier than expected, and it has been my dream to graduate beforethey retire so that they can be able to finance my education. Once myparents retire before I graduate, it will hence be a hard case forthem to afford to pay for my tuition fees. My parents are the mainsource of my tuition fees, and would be glad if I would graduatebefore they retire. By retiring early, my parents will be without apermanent and stable income, which would in turn hamper my time inMSU as there would be no money to pay for my tuition fees. One of mymajor downsides for the time I was in the university is lack ofconfidence as I was an international student, hence not used to mynew environment. I have regained great confidence in myself and I amsure to perform better in my classes and record better grades in thefuture. More so, the recess has enabled me to change attitude. I haverefocused on my attitude and changed it towards being a good andfocused student, with well-established academic goals. With newconfidence and positive attitude, I am sure to perform better andrecord good grades in my subjects. Given the chance to resume, Ipromise to focus on my future academic goals, not only because of myparent situation, but also due to the fact that, I want to better mylife with good academic performance.