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EnglishMeme Paper

Maledominant magic world

The male dominant magic world meme assigned for the day depictsHagrid, a character drawn from the Forest of Dean. The text doesengage the issue of male dominance when it comes to the magic world.As it is called the Wizard World, there are concepts of maledomination when it comes to magic. The idea of men dominating themagical world is illustrated in the film by Hagrid, who is supposedlycreated by Rowling. Various aspects of male people dominating havebeen described and as a way of gaining understanding the phenomenaabout men dominating in magic.

In the film, the first evidence of men being dominative in themagical world is illustrated in conversations held by the characterHagrid alongside Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. Inthe discussions held, wizards are being described as being either“pure-bloods” or “half-bloods” (Eirlys p98). In suchdiscussions, the men are embroiled in describing how wizards aresupposed to be. The discussions are a revelation of the concept thatmen were the ones who were mostly entangled in issues of magic.

Further, the notion of male domination in the magical world isportrayed Hagrid is expelled while he was a student at Hogwarts. Thereason for the expulsion was that Hagrid was in possession of anacromantula, a measure that can be partly seen as practicing magic.Such an act can be considered as a way of practicing as magic asdescribed of the character in the film.

Also, there is the aspect of the magical abilities of Hagrid. In thefilm, he is seen as an individual who can give life and take it away.In her description, Rowling states that she thought that Hagridbrought back Harry to the world and from the dead. It is only in themagical world that such a concept is evidently possible.

Male domination of the magical world is further illustrated as TomMarvolo is seen as a wizard. Tom is seen using a monster to attackthe students while Hagrid is forced to take on the blame for suchdeeds. Hagrid is accused of releasing it from the “Chamber ofSecrets” and allowing it to attack the students, a move that seeshim get to prison. In the events of the story, it is evident thatonly men are seen to have domination in the world of magic (Eirlysp90). Women are not mentioned to be in charge or take part in any ofthe magical activities. The men are seen to have control over theconcept of magic reiterating the idea of them is dominating and thecharacter Hagrid being described as being in charge.

Further, male domination in the magical world is portrayed as Hagridis assigned the task of teaching about Care of Magical Creatures(Eirlys p70). The fact that he is given the mandate to be thecustodian of the subject serves to reaffirm the position that menwere the only ones in charge of magic. Hagrid further goes to anextra length of performing magic especially after his name wascleared.

Overall, concepts of male domination in the magical world are evidentfrom the manner in which the story unfolds. The description of thecharacters and the relation of magic does revolve around men likeHagrid and Tom. They get engaged in magic both for the wrong and theright reasons.

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