Environmental Awareness

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Humanactions have resulted in beneficial and harmful circumstances aroundthe world. Man holds the blame for allowing himself to experiment onthings that are detrimental to his life. Some behaviors by man haveresulted in the proper management of the resources available onearth. Global pollution is largely a man-made catastrophe thataffects the environment, living creatures, human health, and land.Businesses have not been left behind in carrying the blame forincreased pollution and other actions that contribute to globalwarming.

Throughsustainable approaches, companies can happily match the needs of thebusiness environment and make positive impacts to the life of thestakeholders. The management of the environmental effects arisingfrom a firm`s operations can help underpin our future growth. Theneed to create a sustainable business features in the contemporarybusiness environment. Several companies have laid down approachesgeared towards developing a sustainable business. Firms can introducetravel plan that encourages the usage of non-car modes and carsharing to reduce gas emissions that pollute the environment.Reducing the greenhouse emissions will help in improving the airquality (Phyper &amp MacLean, 2009). An increase in the wastematerials is another issue that requires companies to develop theright measures to lessen the accumulation of waste materials. Acompany can, for instance, develop a strategy that encourages the useof recyclable materials. The approaches would help in improving theprestige of an organization and the surrounding region.

Adoptinga sustainable, environmental and green life is not easy, but thebehavior adoption ensures the planet is free from pollution. Cars andmachines, contributed by increased industrialization, have led to theaccumulation of carbon gases in the environment. The other immediatebenefits of innovation include reduced cost of labor, reduction inenvironmental pollution, the creation of new markets, reduced energyuse, and conformance with standards and regulation (Pappis, 2011).

Allstakeholders need to formulate policies that will help in promotingchannels for improving natural resource management and ecosystems.Conservation and proper management of natural resources will assistin addressing the challenges posed by the effects of climate changes.Several ways can help provide solutions to deal with the consequencesof global climatic changes as well as reducing its prevalence. Theseapproaches should be of higher quality and consistent to providegreater assurance on their usage. In developing a more sustainableresource use, individuals and businesses must use their energyresources sustainably. Therefore, to increase the level of certaintyin the environmental management process, there is a need for totalcommitment to the government, companies, and advocacy agencies.Lastly, businesses need to take social initiatives that promotesustainability and environment awareness efforts. It is consideredthat firms need to embrace corporate social responsibilities thatserve to reduce global warming and enhance proper management ofnatural resources (Muga &amp Thomas, 2013).

Inconclusion, environmental pollution is recognized as a fabricateddisaster that can be easily mitigated when elaborate measures are putin place. To get any scheme to become an outfitted development, youneed to identify the requirements for the necessary legislativeprocedures. Developed countries and established firms need to reducetheir carbon emissions past the stipulated targets to address theeffects of climate change. By adopting the right behaviors, humanbeings can help in taking care of the planet and ensure that it isfree from pollution. Firms have an opportunity to engage insustainable initiatives that commit them to be mindful of theenvironment.


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