Environmental movements in the West

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Environmentalmovements in the West

Environmentalmovements in the West

Environmentalmovement is an aspect that has been embraced by people for a longperiod of time. It applies the principle of safety in numbers whereit relies on the utilization of a large group of people who are ableto come together for the common course of ensuring that they are ableto address issues that are related to the environment. Robert J.Brulle explains that the United States environmental movement couldbe the biggest movement in the country (Brulle,2000).The movement has an estimated 30 million people who are attached toit. The movement was created before the Civil War and has been on thefore front of ensuring that there is an increase in the lobbying forall the relevant entities and bodies to put in mind and ensure thatthey are able to enhance proper protection of the environment so thatother people may not unfairly suffer from the detrimental effects ofenvironmental pollution that is caused by other parties.

Environmentalmovements are very well organized with well run structures that areable to ensure that the main agenda that they do run are achievedthrough the consistent and concerted efforts that they do apply(Mooney,Knox and Schacht, 2009).The one aspect that I do like from the readings established inrelation to environmental movements is the mere facts that they doplay a huge role of ensuring the protection of the environment. Theone thing that I do not like from the readings is that they clearlyshow that although environmental movements are set for a noblecourse, they somehow suffer from the lack of proper capacity to runtheir mandate effectively.


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