Ethical Decision-Making

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Ethicaldecision making is a key factor that should be considered every timeorganizations are involved in having to make choices. Numerousfactors should be considered to ensure that the decisions made areethical. Even though different cultures have differentinterpretations of what ethical means, a major factor that should beconsidered in the global ethical decision making is how the decisionimpacts to the whole society and not, just the stakeholders involved(Craft, 2013).Sometimes the decision may not be in the best interest of particularstakeholders, but it is for the common good. Such decisions should beconsidered ethical. In the current global business scenario, it isimportant to consider the consequences of all the decisions toeveryone and not just stakeholders such as shareholders.

Withregards to the factors that determine whether decisions made will beethical, there are individual related factors such as self-controland the accounting background of the individual. Gender of theindividual may also influence the ethicality of the decision(Woiceshyn, 2011).The cultural values of the individual apart from the cultural valuesof the organization should also be considered when examining theethics of the decisions made. However, even though different peoplefrom diverse cultures both with regards to the organization orpersonal background use different ideologies in defining ethics, thedecisions made should not just be made with regards to the interestof particular interested parties but everyone.

Thelaws of the land should also be used as the guides to makingdecisions that affect the firm and other people(Ferrell &amp Fraedrich, 2016).The reason is that the laws of the country are usually made for thegod of the people.


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