Examining Chest X-Rays

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ExaminingChest X-Rays

ExaminingChest X-Rays

Accordingto the assigned patient X-ray, there is a mark of displacement of theright lung anteriorly and posteriorly across the middle line. Thereis an excessive buildup of fluid in the lungs and the chest cavity.The massive central tumor has extended into the peribronchial tissuesand has produced localized inferior convexity to the medial margin ofthe light fabric. Bones are white in color, and any calcification iswhite. The bilateral lower lobe has collapsed together withobscuration of the medial portions of the hemidiaghragms caused bymucus plugging. The normal upper part of the lungs is full of air(black in color). Besides, there is dilation of the pulmonary vessel,which is proximal to embolism along with the collapse of distalvessels with a sharp cut off. Finally, the X-ray also indicates whitespaces on the base of the lung, which represents fluid of blood thatis white in color.

Accordingto this X-ray, the patient has fluid in the lungs (Lung congestion orpulmonary edema). When these fluids build up in the alveolar spaces,it is referred to as Pulmonary Edema (Kahn, 2015). The distention ofthe blood vessels in the lungs and filling of the alveoli with bloodare because of an infection, or cardiac insufficiencies. Theaccumulation of fluid in the lungs is because of ineffective agentsor irritating gasses, particles, liquids, and mucus (EncyclopediaBritannica, 2016). It is also evident that the assigned patient X-raydemonstrates congestive heart failure because the lungs becamecongested and backed up with fluid (Acton, 2013)

Inconclusion, fluid in the lungs is a common condition that isassociated with chest pains, fever, dry cough, and difficulty inbreathing. It is also caused by some cardiovascular disorders andrequires proper diagnosis and treatment (Buttaro et al., 2011).


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