Exercise Reviewing Academic Research

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Exercise:Reviewing Academic Research

Utopiaand dystopia

Bookeridentifies that utopia is the imagined better society that may notexist in the real life situation. Such societies may pose problemswhen compared to the some directions that are taking place in thereal-world. Dystopia is a non-existent society that an author maytake the time to explain in detail providing the time and space wheresuch a society may exist. In the dystopia, there are as wellpotential consequences that are negative which the utopian objectspose the real world society. The anti-utopia has become a skepticalto all the utopianism concepts in general, and there is the dark sideof it that may not be known.


Thescientific and technological advancements have contributed to thedystopian fiction existing in the mind of different scholars. Thefiction came about because scholars decided to do away withtechnology in the society since they think this is the only way thatwill enable the society to live in harmony. This statement attracteddifferent criticisms between the utopian texts and an indication thatone person can view a concept to be utopia but from the view of adifferent person that concept is the dystopia.

Thecriticism in dystopian fiction

Thevisions of the dystopian fiction are becoming a mere spectacle, andthey are just encouraging people to feel comfortable about thepresent but losing focus about the key critical power. Thefamiliarity of the dystopian visions is becoming a threat for eventhe strong dystopian fictions because of the critical power thatexists in the dystopian fiction. The images that are presented by thedystopian visions are giving the dystopian fictions no time to makethe required cognitive estrangement.


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