Exodus and Kahane`s They Must Go

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Exodusand Kahane’s They Must Go


Inboth the situations, it is crucial to note that the Jewish life hasbeen portrayed as that which is God-fearing and that they struggle topursue the will of God. They are believed to have a closerelationship with God and due to this, they have a strong back upwhen their enemies arise against them. For instance, it is recordedin Exodus that the when they were on their way to the Promised Land,they experienced many obstacles, and it’s through the power of Godthat they were able to get their safely.

Also,it is evident in both cases that they are portrayed as people who areimmigrants, and they are not accepted in the land that they live. Asa result of this, they have been involved in numerous wars in thesearch for their original land. For instance, in Exodus, they fleefrom Egypt where most of them were oppressed, and they move to thePromised Land although it was not easy for Pharaoh to leave them togo safely (Kahane,2000).Kahane also states that there has been huge wrangle between them andthe Arabs regarding the original occupants of the land.


Someof the primary differences between the two texts regarding the Jewishlife include:

InExodus, they flee from Egypt to the Promised Land due to theirminority state. In this case, they do not have their ancestral land,but they are now led to a land thy can call home. In this case, theauthor portrays them as immigrants in Israel who later flee. On theother hand, Kahane puts it right that they are the majority group inIsrael and that the minority group is that of the Arabs. In thisinstance, they claim the ownership of the land and that they are therightful owners of the land (Israel).

Besides,in Exodus, the Jews appear as people who are cursed, oppressed andthat they are excluded from other people everywhere that they go.This is evident in the Bible where by the Jews were highly excludedand they were mostly slaves who worked hard in their slavery. On thecontrary, Kahane takes a close look at the current life of the Jews,and it is completely different from that portrayed in Exodus. Here,they are free from oppression, and they are in a position to maketheir decisions. In his text, it is clear that now the Jews exist ina community with other people. Therefore, they have changed frompeople who were slaves and excluded from others to people who areaccepted in the community.

Lastly,in Exodus, the Jews are portrayed as people who are God fearing andwork as per the will of God. They had a covenant with God which theylived according to those rules. Typically, they are people who had aclose relationship with God and as a result, they had the strong backup from God even in the wars they were involved. On the other side,Kahane says in his text that the decisions that they make in therecent years do not show the fear of God in them since they do notmind the well-being of their neighbors (Kahane,2000).Therefore, the presence of God is not evident in them nowadays whichhas led to unnecessary wrangles with their enemies.



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