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The videofeatures a mother driving her daughter possibly to school on a wetmorning. The little girl is seated quietly at the back of the vehicleas the mother focuses her attention on the road. The mother regularlychecks on her daughter using the back mirror. She grins at herdaughter to reassure her that they will arrive home safely. Suddenly,the mother’s peace and calm is interrupted by a police siren at herback. She swears in disgust since she is incensed by theinterruption. The mother may have exceeded the speed limit, and thatis why she mutters under her breath. She is aware of the strict lawsgoverning driving, especially in the presence of c minor.

The trafficpolice officer approaches the vehicle and offers a quick greetingbefore demanding to see the driver`s credentials. The mother isconfident since her daughter is buckled in her seat. However, theyoung girl immediately conceives a plan to create mischief. She takesher notepad and starts to write something on it. The officer tries toengage the young lady in conversation. In a clearly discernibleBritish accent, the traffic police officer remarks to the young girlthat her mother was in a bit of a hurry. At that juncture, the girlconfidently whispers that the driver is not her mother. She thenflashes up a “HELP” sign she had written on the note pad in red.She finally whispers “Help me.”

At thatjuncture, the traffic police officer goes berserk, takes a step awayfrom the vehicle, and yells to the woman to “Step out of the car!”He repeats his order as the little girl watches with a smirk on herface. The video concludes with the girl making a playful grin at thecamera. The woman was her mother after all. The little girl wasmerely playing a practical joke.

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