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23 January 2020

Topic:Employers should provide time off to fathers after a baby is born

  • Employers that offer male staff paternity leave motivate their workers and enhance the men’s loyalty towards their job. The high motivation encourages them to improve work output at their workplace as well as develop high loyalty to their employer

  • Whether paid or not, the leave offers men an opportunity to support and care for the family. The father can, for instance, change diapers hence giving the mother a chance to take food and other personal care responsibilities.

  • Fathers offer physical and psychological support to their wives. Women experience physical challenges after giving birth hence require support from a close family member to assist in caring for the newborn. As such, moms get a chance to rest after the difficult pregnancy period.

Thesis:Paternity leave allows men to offer physical and social support totheir wives, as well as improves the satisfaction of men at theirworkplace. Consequently, the motivation leads to improved workperformance that generates higher profit margin to the employer.

  • Fathers to take direct involvement in child care. Studies indicate that fathers who spend more time with the newborn during the first month are more likely to get involved in childcare in later years.

  • Fathers also learn the basic skills and requirements in childcare. Feeding the newborn, for instance, gives the fathers a chance to acquire skills on how to offer childcare even when left alone in their homes.

  • Paternity leave changes the perception and stereotypes that men are not involved in early childcare. It gives a practical lesson for men to appreciate women and feminism movement.

  • Paternity leave improves satisfaction of male employees in their work therefore, it increases their loyalty to the employers. Moreover, the high satisfaction leads to improved productivity at the workplace, which in turn generates high profit margin to business owner.

  • Paternity leave also eliminates anxiety brought by the new experiences and family member. Rearing a kid when one partner is away may bring emotional challenges.