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April 6,2016 Count Rupert von Count

Founder,Miss All-World Pageant



NewYork-based pageant plans six-month tour of cities across the UnitedStates

NEW YORK — The Miss All-World Pageant today announced a six-month“Miss All-World of Tomorrow Tour” to run from Apr. 30, 2016through Oct. 31, 2016 in cities across the United States.

&quotIt givesme great satisfaction to contemplate the great success we have had sofar in organizing for the Miss All-World Tomorrow Tour,&quot saidCount Rupert von Count, founder of Miss All-World Pageant. &quotIlook forward to visiting cities across the country as we endeavor topromote enrollment in the All-World Academy.&quot

The MissAll-World Pageant recently announced Carmen Sandiego as its inauguralwinner. As part of her prize, Sandiego received $1 million from MAPAFoundation so as to support charitable projects in her nativeArgentina. Her flagship project is the special school referred to asthe “All-World Academy.”

&quotI ameager to embark on the tour and speak to girls across the UnitedStates about the All-World Academy,&quot said Sandiego. &quotI hopeto inspire the young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to considerenrollment in the school as we anticipate the official opening infall 2017.&quot

During thesix-month tour, Sandiego will visit girls’ schools, junior beautypageants, dance academies, malls, and other locations. She aims toinspire the Miss All-Worlds of tomorrow with her story of resilienceand success against all odds.

&quotI wouldlike to thank Count von Count and the pageant for allowing me toaccompany Ms. Sandiego on the tour,&quot said Esmerelda Hogsback,the first runner-up from Canada. &quotIt is a grand privilege for meto be involved in drumming up support for the All-World Academy.&quot

Hogsback willjoin Sandiego on the tour. She will have the opportunity to introduceSandiego in all the speeches she makes at both small and largegatherings.

Visitwww.missallworld.comfor additional information and a schedule of all planned visitsduring the six-month tour.