GBL 295 –Ethics Writing Assignment #2

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  1. Sustainability by its very nature requires a long view on the future, as we consider the impact of our decision today on future generations”

  1. Explain what, in your opinion, Anderson means by this statement.

In my opinion, Anderson means that the steps we make to ensuresustainability should all focus at maintaining the concept into thefuture. His point was that there is no need to focus on short-termsustainability projects when in essence they will not be around inthe future. Anderson is of the idea that innovators should come upwith ways of sustainability into the future. Sustainability solutionsto global problems today should remain relevant for futuregenerations to reap the benefits.

  1. Write whether you agree or disagree with Andersons’ position.

I agree with Anderson’s position. Current sustainability programsare all aimed at solving short term problems. Programs such asrecycling plastic bags are not sustainable in the aftermath. Whathappens when all the plastic bags cannot be recycled anymore? Theworld will dump them in the sea and the future generations will spendmany resources cleaning up the mess of preceding generations.Whenever making sustainability policies, policy makers should put thefuture generations into account.

  1. Footprint Chronicles revealed information of “the Good, the Bad and What we think”

  1. Outline what information was revealed and how it has affected the Company.

The footprint chronicles reveal the activities of the PatagoniaCompany in its efforts towards sustainability. The things that thecompany has done in alignment with sustainability means and ideologyfall under the category of ‘the Good’. They include growingorganic cotton, although it was more expensive than regular cotton.‘The bad’ involves the things that Patagonia has not been able todo in the spirit of sustainability. ‘What we Think’ is a plan bythe company to ensure sustainable means of production in future. Inaddition, the company lays bare its entire production process asevidence that indeed it is pro-sustainability.

  1. Explain the effect (whether positive or negative) this likely will have on other companies.

Patagonia has set a precedent for all the other producers to follow.The negative effect of this move on other companies is that they willreceive bad publicity if they do not produce their wares throughsustainable means. Consumers will seek to know whether companiesadhere to sustainability before they can purchase their products. Thepositive effect of this trend is that the firm will have set asustainable way of production that other companies will follow. Byfollowing the sustainability means, other companies will promotetheir business and improve their public image.