GDC Gaming Event Reflection

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Twoweeks ago, I attended the Game Developers Conference (GDC). The GDCis a convention of stakeholders in the gaming industry. Competitorsand partners alike attend the event. Ever since its inception 25years ago, the event has grown from 25 people in a living room to23,000 attendees in a five star hotel. The primary function of thisconference is to share ideas on the path that the gaming industryshould follow. They called it open innovation- key players in theindustry develop content and share it with others before it reachesthe completion stage. The conference also serves to increase thebargaining power of game developers in a bid to push their interestsin the government. This essay is a reflection on my experiencesduring the just concluded GDC.

Atthe entrance to the event, there was a big security person with atablet in his hand, cross checking the list of attendees as theyentered the room. For a moment there I panicked. I kept askingmyself, “What if my name misses on the list?” I was afraid thatthe security team would hold me in custody if my name missed on thelist. In this age of rampant terrorism, the authorities do not takethe act of gate crushing lightly. As expected, my name was on thelist and I was ushered in. At the reception were two stewards whodirected me to my seat. The reception made me feel important in theevent.

Throughoutthe event, developers went on stage to introduce new gaming ideas tothe audience. The audience would then criticize them and others wouldoffer to collaborate with developer. The act of sharing ideas wassimply amazing. Through the conference, some amateur developers hadthe chance to get funding from gaming bigwigs such as EA Sports.However, I was worried that some unscrupulous developers could stealthe ideas of amateur developers and modify them a little beforepresenting them as their own. The fact that the event did not offerany legal protection on the ideas presented on stage, made me havesecond thoughts regarding presenting the blueprint of my online gamein future. However, I think the exposure that the event accords todevelopers compensates for the risk of losing ideas to competitorsand companies with better resources.

Imust admit though that the language used in the event was somehowtechnical for me to figure out. I am a gaming enthusiast but some ofthe terms were too technical for me. At the beginning of the event, Icould not help but feel that maybe I went to the wrong event. As theevent progressed, I came to realize that several other people werenot familiar with the technical terms. Throughout some presentations,the audience kept raising up their hands to seek clarification forsome terms. During the break, I took time to try out games and didthe VR and AR games in the event. The experience made me feel howimportant it is to use easy words on your audience when making apresentation. Some people think that using technical terms on thelayperson would make them look sophisticated.

At the close of the conference on the seventh day, I was happy for Ihad gained the most from the conference. In addition, I made severalfriends who I hope will keep in touch so that we can advance ourdreams of becoming renowned gaming developers in future.