Gender in America Today

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Genderin America Today

Article:Challenges for Women in Politics

Thearticle is about challenges that women go through in politics despitetheir abilities and potential for bringing positive change. Globally,the leadership positions for women are very few both in politics andin public company boards. However the challenges faced by women aretraced back from the World War II where the male supervisors made aguide for hiring women. This means that they were considereddifferent from their male counterparts.


Thearticle has focused on reasons that discourage women from running forelected office positions and why increased participation isdesirable. According to the article, the current small percentage offemale legislators showthat women areunderrepresented and this translates to democraticdeficit (Driedger, 2013).Despite the gender imbalance in politics, this article enlightensthat women are as well smart enough and can run for an office and winat the same rate as men. It is evident that empowered women can dogreater things. For example statistics shows that empowerment ofwomen in education prevented over four million child deaths from1970-2009. From record, women legislators, bring a unique experienceto the political arena. For example, they fight for better childcare addresses domestic violence better maternal care they caremore about crime, education, taxes, economy and even conservation.The issue of gender gaps in professions such engineering, medicine,finance and media is also a concern addressed by professions(Driedger, 2013).

Personalexperience with the article

Apersonal experience with gender is a concern of disparities is careerchoice and employment. Certain careers have mostly been associatedwith women whereas others with men. For example Public RelationsProfession is female dominated where enrollment rates for females inthis career are much greater compared to the males. However, when itcomes employment, senior positions are given to males despitedomination of females in Public Relation departments. It is also notcommon to find a woman who is qualified as much as a man is, givenleadership position in careers such as Engineering because such areassociated with men. The article however is very enlightening and theperspective that women are as well able as men, has been clearlycommunicated, and the view that women are weaker sex has beensuppressed.


Conclusively,it is clear that although women have been looked down upon for a longtime, and there are many challenges affecting women representation inleadership, they are as well qualified and have abilities to bringpositive change. Self confidence is the key to rising above thechallenges. I have learnt that women have abilities just as men andthey should be offered equal opportunity just as men.


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