Group reflection

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Ourgroup had a charter that was useful in many ways. It gave us aguideline on how to undertake the task and the best way to go aboutit. It was also a point of reference on the type of information thatneeded to be included in the group report. The charter was alsoappropriate because every group member was able to understand whatrole to play in the group work and what sources of information neededto be included in the work. We referred to the charter in instanceswhere we found difficulty in knowing how to go about the work. Thecharter provided the group members the right reference forpresentation of the work we had done to ensure the best results. Wecould have made the charter more useful by adding more information onguidelines for group use in the future to it that we thought wasappropriate but was missing.

Thegroup did well in identifying and collecting the appropriateinformation for the task. The group showed a lot of cooperation incoming up with a well done and complete product from the informationthat was collected. Some of the factors that led to this success werethat all group members cooperated and did their allocated part of thetask to their best. The members also delivered on time and madethemselves available for any meeting. I think I would replicate thesame success for another group in the future because I know I havegained the required knowledge and skills to enable me work in a groupand deliver as expected.

Somechallenges we encountered included lack of adequate information forsome areas of the task. This was not dependent on the group membersbut was because of enough literature on the given areas. Anotherissue was coming up with one document from every part that each groupmember had done. We had a hard time combining this into one document.We however found our way around the issue not only as a group butalso individually. For the areas that had inadequate literature, weall agreed to do research on these areas and as an individual I didas much research as required. On the issue of coming up with onedocument from every individuals research, we decided to go throughall documents together then come up with one document that includedthe work of each person. We were able to solve the issues amicablyand come up with the best result both for the group and individually.

Inmy opinion, the group experience was participatory. This is becausethe task required every person to take part in the work and give hisor her contribution. The final document also took the effort of everyperson in the group. The distribution of tasks was equal becauseevery member got an equal share of work and every person took a partthat was comfortable for them to deal with. The group members alsoassisted any individual who had an issue with the part they wererequired to accomplish.

Thegroup was able to accomplish most of the goals. This is because wehad identified what to have accomplished at the end of the exerciseand as we went through the work we identified all the goals we hadaccomplished and those we had not, we worked towards them. Informulating more achievable goals, would have analyzed the areas thatwere a bit demanding for use and come up with suggestions on the bestway to handle these areas. This way, the group would have come upwith more goals that were easily achievable.