How Sense of Community Affects Understanding and Tackling Gang Violence

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How Sense of Community Affects Understanding and Tackling GangViolence

A large number of gangs induce fear and facilitate violence to everycommunity exist. Moreover, the community encounters numerous ofinjuries and deaths. The Gang-besieged neighborhoods are typicallyinundated by economic and physical decay, intimidation, andwithdrawal from public engagement. The neighborhood decline, thecommunity bond weakens, shopping and travelling to work turndangerous children fear to go to school and even parks becomeunusable. This proves the need to understand and tackle gangviolence.

The sense of the community value aid in dealing with the wholeissue.It aids in building a community that does produce gangs.This is because the available evidence shows that enforcement andothers actions of the police are not an adequate answer to the gangproblems and the leaders need to involve the entire community inunderstanding and dealing with issues of gang problems. Thebroad-based collaborations ensure long-term success. The gangs areparts of a defunct community and sense of community creates afunctioning society that is free from gangs.

Furthermore, sense of community provides a prevent effort that willdiscourage young people from joining gangs. Understanding that gangviolence is a crime and harm the entire community will eliminate theperception, that gang’s culture is part of everyday life. Thiswill further enable the community to shift from enforcement tointervention, prevention and suppression strategies.

Moreover, sense of community brings togetherness making thecommunity more willing to cooperate with the police officers andothers stakeholders to eliminate gang issue in the society. Thiswill establish a comprehensive strategy of prevention of the localgang, which is the evidence how effective community-based policies,can work. It seeks to engage the moral voice of the community anddiscourages mistrust among the neighborhood. The community experiencewill encourage community leaders to understand the value of eachmember in reducing the gang issue in the community and create anetwork that can effectively deal with the criminal activities.

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