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HR’S Role Discussion Forum

HR’S Role Discussion Forum

  1. HR`s Role:

  1. Advantages of taking the Exam

This exam complements both experimental lessonsgained on internships and the formal classroom knowledge acquired othe degree program crucial for professional career development.

Taking the exam shows the current or potentialemployer that the student gained essential knowledge requisite for asuccessful HR career.

Receiving the Certificate of Learning grantsthe graduates an immediate advantage over the other entry-levelcandidates who did not sit for the exams (SHRM, 2016).

  1. Disadvantage of taking the Exam

The multiple choice questions constituting theexamination do not test the entire curriculum thus are not accurate,summative in determining the full student’s competencies, technicaland practical abilities.

b. HRM Concepts:

The managers can apply the recruitment andtraining concept to oversee the hiring and education process to guidein selecting the most competent personnel to bring new successhorizons.

Moreover, managers can adopt the WorkAtmosphere Maintenance concepts to promote understanding, providesafe working conditions, and motivation needed to realise employee’soptimum productivity (Dessler, 2015)

c. HR Laws:

The main features constituting the Equal PayAct include the prohibition to pay discrimination based on gendersaves for the stated pay differentials based on merit, seniority andproductivity levels. Moreover, Jiang, Lepak, Han, Hong, Kimand Winkler (2012) assert that the Equal Pay Act grantspermission to file for any pay discrimination alleged under the TitleVII of the Civil Rights Act. Finally, the Act prohibits employerretaliation against employees who take actions against unfairpractices in the workplace).

d. HR Competitive Advantage:

First managers can apply their knowledge tohire superior, competent or experts for the positions and minimiseinput costs. Secondly, managers can positively engage the employeesby extending understanding, offering compensations, motivation andrewards, which will boost performance and retain the employees(Dessler, 2015).

e. Ethics and Biblical Worldview:

The distinctions between the non-virtuous andexcellent characteristics, evil and good, wrong and right humanactions make up the basics concepts of ethics (Jiang et al.,2012). Fair treatment at work involves treatingothers as individuals would treat themselves that is with respect,integrity, justice, honesty and equality. At a workplace, moralprinciples guide the manner in which companies or businesses conducttheir daily functions. Incorporating the Biblical guidelines that areequal treatment, obedience, fairness, accountability and consequencesinto the code of ethics can establish HR’s role better (Cappelli&amp Keller, 2014).

Response to Girton’s Discussion

Some of Girton’s answers to the questionscontain syntactic issues that hinder the interpretation of the pointshe attempts making. For instance, he raises good points to explainthe advantages of taking the assurance exams but poorly constructsthe sentences. It is hard to understand his point in explaining thedisadvantage though it tends to be a good point regarding the examfailing to give real job experience. However, Girton raises goodpoints in explaining the advantages and disadvantages.

For the HR concepts and techniques, Girtonpicks crucial points such as hiring and problem-solving processes,which are relevant to the workplace and highlighted by scholars asapplicable in the workplace, for example, by Jiang et al. (2012). Hegives a good example of how HR uses this technique to handle theinterviews effectively. His response about the HR laws captures allthe main features of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 butdoes not follow the APA format correctly. Girton tackles the questionof HR competitive advantage very well. As illustrated by Dessler(2015) and Jiang et al. (2012) adhering to policies aligns every teamplayer towards the organisations goals thus keeping them focused onperformance, a point that Girton highlights well. The sentences havegrammar and capitalisation errors. Lastly but not least, Girtonprecisely explains the ethical issue in the workplace, the HR’srole and the fundamental way to inform the position better in theBiblical worldview.


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