Human Resources Department

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HumanResources Department

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HumanResources Department

Humanresource is a department that enhances the image of an organization,catering on the needs of its employees as well as helping in theaccomplishment of the company goals. This is a department tasked withformulating policies that helps the company to achieve its missions,values and goals in line with the investors’ requirements whilekeeping the organization in compliance with government orders. It isthe engine that connects all other departments in the organizationwhile ensuring that they are within their appointed mandate in thedelivery of the overall goal. They ensure the harmonization ofprocedures and processes that all other departments must adhere toand formulate their own unique ways in achieving their overall goal.

Forany organization to have a sound working condition, its humanresources department must be able to keep necessary checks andbalances for the entire group. There is a need to ensure properworking conditions for everyone in the organization irrespective oftheir cadre without harassment from all the other quarters. It isadvisable that there should be representation in every other area ofoperation in order to ensure compliance of the standards set by thebusiness and the industry at large.

Beingthe face of the organization and the contact point for the businessto its customers, the department needs to be ahead of the game byensuring that all other processes are in tandem to the laid downprocedures. The on time performance is also a key pillar that needsto be checked by the department to ensure that the customers gettheir products within the set limits without compromise to safety andquality (Smith &amp Mazin, 2011).


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