I would not stop using Electronic Equipment

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Iwould not stop using Electronic Equipment

Electronicequipment and gadgets are important and useful in my day to day life.The electronic equipment and gadgets are so useful in my daily lifethat I would not give them up for anything, not even a cash reward.If someone gave me as much as $1000 for me to avoid using electronicequipment for one week, I would not do it. This is because theequipment and gadgets are part of my life in learning, communicatingand saving information.

Iwould not stop using the gadgets for a week because they are at thecenter of my learning process in school. I always use my computer toaccess the university learning materials and online libraries for mystudies. This is very important in my life, that I would not allow acash amount of $1000 to separate me from my studies which I takevery seriously. All this is made possible by the use of the computersand the phone that I use daily.

Iwould not avoid electronic gadgets because they are the main tools ofcommunication that I use on a daily basis. I normally use thecomputer to write emails, the phone to make calls and tablets toconnect with online social networks. This is important because itgives me the ability to learn what is new and get information that Ido not have. At the same time, I use these equipment and gadgets formy entertainment. After getting tired with academics and studies, Iuse the equipment to listen to music, watch videos and play games.

Learning,communication and entertainment are important aspects of my life thatI cannot avoid on any day. These are very important daily practicesthat refresh me. I would not function well in my life, if I avoidedusing the electronic equipment for a day, not even a week. Therefore,even if I am given $1000 I would not stop using electronic equipmentfor a week.