Improving Customer Satisfaction

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ImprovingCustomer Satisfaction

Asrequested, the following is a report on improving customersatisfaction. Being human not only involves living, but ratherfeelings and emotions as it is often very common to cry at work andwhere we live. This could be due to the inability of an individual tohandle the situations at hand. However, it is wise to understandwhether it is right to cry or not. Organization heads need to beconsiderate about their employee`s feelings because some sentimentsare initiated by work related stress from them or the general workingenvironment (Zvavahera, 2015, p. 1). Therefore, it is everyorganization`s head obligation to ensure that their employee`semotions are considered and well-handled and in the right andpositive manners. It is everyone`s wish that their jobs succeed.Organizational leaders should be willing to comprehend the basicconcept to manage the different situations effectively. In the fieldof Marketing, the following two practices have been found to increaseemployee contentment concentrating on employees finances and takingcare of their emotions.

Aconsiderable number of employees in organizations may bring about allthese challenges because the population is too high such that theymay not have time to concentrate on every employee’s finance oreven make other resources available to them and notice when theiremotions run high. Having conducted my research, I have come to therealization that some organizations don`t care about what emotionstheir employees undergo at a given time. So long as employees areperforming well in the contractual duties assigned to them, theorganizational leaders are more focused on generating profit and notconcerned with any other thing (Zvavahera, 2015, p. 2). Leaders ofthe groups should be able to understand that the transmission ofemotions varies from culture to cultures so they can offer helpwhenever emotional situations come up. Apparently I, therefore,believe that the display of emotions has its advantages anddisadvantages. Employees will want their bosses to recognize theirefforts and understand them so that they can be able to know whenthey are succeeding or failing at their respective dutie

Theemployee should not expect too much from themselves within a shortspan of duration. They should be able to share the information withtheir bosses and, at least, give them time to work it out. I alsothink that an employee should be properly trained, so as to feeltheir efforts are being cherished and not to fall short of what theirbosses expects from them. So it is imperative for supervisors toexplain job expectations to their employees and ensure that they areproperly trained and also receive the best resources so as to meettheir job expectations. In some organizations employees experienceextremely sensitive situations in which they can even be violated andare threatened not to disclose to anyone, or they will be fired. Insuch an instance, the employee opts to keep his cool for the sake oftheir job safety and security purposes.

Ibelieve emotions are negative at work when they are used to controlor manipulate people in the work environment. For instance, if youare working with an organization where flexible scheduling isreplaced by more structured work, some of the employees might bedistraught and get very emotional because of the changes. As aresult, they would be turning up to work moody and would also refuseto interact with other employees because they are unhappy about thescheduling changes. Sometimes emotions display to employees can bebeneficial but at times can cause more problems than it solves(Zvavahera, 2015, p. 3). To create positive feelings for employees,it is imperative for organizations to change the emotional climatethat currently exists, beginning with an understanding that theleadership team will cater for its employee`s basic needs .They canalso set a tone in work place so as to represent a caring, respectfuland a giving environment.


Organizationalleaders should create a working environment free of fear,manipulation and anger. Therefore, there should be no repercussionsfor expressing one’s emotions, although it should be done in amanner that doesn’t show the inability to perform. Leaders shouldtherefore be considerate when dealing with emotional employees withintheir organizations they should avoid putting blames on them andyelling at them. I believe that every leader`s goal is to convey anatmosphere of loyalty, respect and trust. Organizations should haveleaders that encourage their employee to discuss and express theiremotions in the workplace especially if they interfere with their jobperformances (Zvavahera, 2015, p. 4).

Emotionexpression should not be held against employees but possible can beof significant benefits not only to the employee but also to thewhole organization, so when done in a constructive manner it`s fineto cry at work. To have happy employees, organizational leadersshould make sure that their workplaces have a good, warm, invitingand respectful environment (Zvavahera, 2015, p. 4). Leaders shouldunderstand human needs and also should have interpersonal skills whendealing with emotional employees they should also promote open doorsfor listening to employees situations.


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