Internship Experience

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Peopleusually feel a bit scared and uneasy when they are trying somethingfor the first time. When one gets employed for the first time,his/her most scary day is the first day at work. Although myinternship was at CitiHealth was a temporary affair, I got the samefeeling on my fist day. Many things were going through my head, forinstance how the day was going to turn out and the duties I will beassigned. Well, after starting my internship, I adapted faster than Ithought. Even more surprising is the fact that I didn’t want tostop working at CitiHealth, even after my contract had expired. I metand interacted with so many people some even became my friends. Oneword may not entirely and appropriately describe my experience atCitiHealth. However, I’d say the experience was both interestingand enlightening.

Asan intern, my duties were diverse and were changing at times. Ilearnt so many things, most of which were beneficial. The mostimportant one was how to behave in a working environment. Thisinternship was my first experience in a working environment I wasnot sure of what to expect. I got to learn how teamwork happens in apractical setting. By just observing how the other employees wereconducting themselves, I got to know how to execute the varioustasks. In school, such skills may not be taught or may be taughttheoretically. But as an intern, I got to live in the moment and amgrateful for that.

Anothermajor thing I learnt was how to shape my resume. The program hasdeveloped my practical expertise and expanded my knowledge of thehealth sector. At first, my resume was a basic naked one but afterthe experience, I feel there is a lot am going to add to my resume.My resume needs a total makeover, and I know this is a good thing.This benefit to my resume is something I never thought of when I wasstarting my internship.

AsI was starting the internship program, I had no idea where my careerwas heading to. I also didn’t have confidence of what task I coulddo perfectly. The program has given me a good understanding of mypotential and where I should expect my career to take me. I am notany different from the other students, and the internship experiencehas taught me this. The experience has shown me that we are all inthe same position, and very small number of college students knowwhat they want to do. This discovery has made me stop worrying aboutwhere I would fit when I complete my course. The experience has leftme with a conclusion that when one works hard, everything falls intoplace.

Insummary, I owe my great experience to the people I was working with,among them my coordinator, Martin Duroseau. The internship has been agreat learning experience, and I feel am now ready to get a permanentjob once I complete my course. My advice to everyone seeking to startan internship is to be friendly with people, to work hard, and, incases where they are not sure of what to do or how to do something,they should ask questions (Moore, 2010).


Moore,D. T. (2010). Forms and issues in experiential learning.&nbspNewDirections for Teaching and Learning,&nbsp2010(124),3-13.