Journal #6 Question 6

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Keohane arguments have pointed primary flaws of feminist approaches. The aim of feminist approaches is to ensure equality in the society.According to Keohane, the approaches have led to a separation of thehuman community. This is because the approaches focus on favoringwomen and ensuring that they are above men. Conflicts and issuesbased on genders lines have erupted (Genest 258). Keohane states thatthe approaches have failed to achieve the provision of equalopportunity for all people. Women are given more opportunitiescompared to men. Men are denied chances because they are men despitetheir prior struggle. Gender biases are depicted in this case. Thisis a great weakness of the feminist approaches to InternationalRelations theory. Another weakness discussed by Keohane is thatfeminists possess a bigoted picture of masculinity and men. Keohaneclaims that feminist approaches term men as violent and bad. However,the feminist approaches also argue that gender is a social construct(Genest 262). This is a contradiction of them viewing men as violent.As stated by Keohane, contradictions of the feminist approaches areone of its primary weakness.

A feminist IR theory proponent would respond positively to Keohane’scritique. Weaknesses of the approaches to the international relationstheory are well discussed in the critique. Feminist approaches havenot been able to achieve what is expected as outlined in theKeohane’s critique. A proponent of the theory would agree with thecritique because it states out the facts about feminist approaches(Genest 308). Moreover, a proponent of the theory would appreciatethe critique done by Keohane. This is because outlines the drawbacksassociated with the feminists approaches. As a result, feminists willadjust on the approaches and hence ensure equality.

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