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Iconsider Luis Estela, the director of the rehab where I work to be agreat leader. From the interview I recently conducted, it is evidentthat Estela was shaped into a leader by experience, dedication, anddesire to learn to be an effective leader. In addition, it is clearfrom the interview that Estela has adopted all the five practices ofan exemplary leader. The first practice is modeling the way, whichinvolves setting examples by aligning one’s actions with the sharedvalues (Kouzes &amp Posner, 2013). Estela has demonstrated thispractice by serving as an example. Estela holds that an effectiveleader would not adopt undesirable actions and it would be moreadvisable to align one’s actions with those of the organization.

Thesecond practice involves inspiring a shared vision, where aneffective leader is expected to enlist an appealing and sharedaspiration (Kouzes &amp Posner, 2013). Estela achieves this secondpractice by convincing followers it is their responsibility to pursuethe goal set by the organization. By showing the followers that theyhave the role to play in helping the rehabilitation achieve its goalsEstela is able to help them envision the future of the organization.

Thethird practice involves challenging of the process, which involvetaking risks, generating small wins, and learning from one’smistakes (Kouzes &amp Posner, 2013). Estela holds that an effectiveleader should have confidence and be courageous. The twocharacteristics are possessed by leaders who are willing to takerisks as they look for better opportunities for their organizations.In addition, the statement that effective leaders need to haveexperience as one of the key characteristics implies that Estela whomis willing to learn from mistakes over a period in order to earn thatleadership experience.

Thefourth practice is the tendency to enable other people. This isaccomplished by sharing discretion and power with other people orbuilding trust with followers in order to help them take somedecisions on their own (Kouzes &amp Posner, 2013). From theinterview, Estela believes that an effective leader should try to getthe most of the followers by providing them with the desirableworking environment. A desirable working environment is achieved whenfollowers are empowered and some autonomy to make decisions thataffects their work.

Thefifth practice is referred to as enhancing the heart and it involvesthe recognition of the contributions made by followers (Kouzes &ampPosner, 2013). Estela encourages followers by respecting them.Respecting followers and the contribution that they make in theorganization is one way of empowering and helping them feel thattheir presence is needed by the organization.

Apartfrom adopting the five practices of a leader who would be consideredto be exemplary, Estela has some characteristics of participativeleadership and teamwork theory. For example, Estela considers groupsettings as learning environments and enhances cooperation among thefollowers. Participative leaders empower employees by giving them theopportunity to contribute towards the decision making process (Bell &ampMjoli, 2014) while cooperation creates a platform for employees toshare information and ideas (Irawanto, 2014).


Effectiveleaders seek to involve, empower, and facilitate cooperation amongtheir followers. By trying to get the best out of followers,respective them, facilitating their cooperation, adopting thepractices that determine an exemplary leader, Estela has demonstratedto be an effective leader. Therefore, effectiveness in leadership isachieved by respective and empowering the followers, instead ofcommanding them.


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