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Summary of peck on discipline

Discipline has been highlighted by the author as the basic elementthat allows people to deal with the problems of life. It is clearfrom the reading that life is extremely difficult and it is rife withproblems which people must confront and deal with. In order to dealwith these problems, the author asserts that people must havediscipline and must admit that life is indeed difficult. The authorgives out four tenets of discipline that every person must possess inorder to deal with the problems encountered in life (Peck 18). Theability to delay gratification is one of the forms of discipline thatthe author highlights. According to the author, people should seek todo activities that give them little pleasure first before embarkingon pleasurable activities. The author asserts that a child must haveparents who love and dedicate time to their children in order for thechildren to acquire discipline. The parents must be role models tothe child in terms of discipline (Peck 26).

Another element of discipline that he author highlights isresponsibility. According to the author, it is essential for everyperson to accept the problems in life before embarking on solvingthem. The author also states that there are numerous people insociety who believe their problems should be solved by other people(Peck 32). People who avoid responsibility suffer either fromneurosis or character disorder. People suffering from neurosisbelieve that they are always below the mark and they ought to havedone better in every aspect of their lives. On the contrary, peoplewith character disorder are described as viewing themselves as unableand incompetent to do anything (Peck 36). The parents have theresponsibility to guide their children on how to takeresponsibilities for their problems and not to blame the society orcircumstances for their problems (Peck 37).

Thirdly, the author states that the element of dedication to realityis essential in dealing the problems that people face. According tothe author, people are born without knowing the realities and thetruths about the world and some people end up forming differentperceptions of the world (Peck 45). This ultimately fails them whenthey seek to deal with the problems they encounter. Therefore thiselement of discipline is extremely important and people must be readyto continually learn the realities of the world. The author refers totransference, an aspect where people carry with them the view of theworld from childhood to adulthood. This is a wrong view which doesnot fit into the difficult world of adulthood (Peck 49).

Balancing is the last element of discipline that the authordiscusses. According to the author, balancing is essential indetermining our actions. The author asserts that people must livespontaneously and also live in the present. This is balancing actthat requires flexibility and judgment (Peck 75). Additionally, theauthor has referred to growth as a process that requires changes.More often than not, the changes are mainly painful as people leavetheir comfort zones and transform into new beings. Discipline hasbeen seen to be an extremely essential aspect in dealing with thepain that emanates from the problems that life presents. By observingthe four tenets of discipline, the author guarantees that peoplewould in a position to maneuver the challenges that are presented bylife. It is critical for people to admit that the life they live isdifficult so that they can start devising ways dealing with theproblems.

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