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Kinds of madness

The kind of madness in the Yellow Wallpaper involves the narrator,who is a woman and who is being controlled by the men in her lifeincluding her husband. She is not comfortable with the control andthis leads to her depression that leads to madness. The woman isrepressed by the control that she gets from her husband and the othermale members of the family. She develops revolt against her husbandand becomes obsessed with the wallpaper. She believes that there is awoman behind the wallpaper (Bullis 7). The madness is exacerbated bythe projection of herself as the woman behind the wallpaper. It isessential to state that the prescription of house rest by her doctorhusband makes the madness to flourish.

This madness in the Yellow Wallpaper is different from the madnessin The Tell-Tale Heart. In the second kind of madness, the main causeof the madness is the oversensitivity of the narrator’s senses. Thenarrator kills an old man for a reason that could be called strangeor absurd. The narrator kills an old man because of his blue eye(Bullis 6). The kind of madness in the Tell-Tale Heart is one wherethe narrator is overcome by emotions. It is clear that the narratoris denying that he is mad whereas it is clear he is mad. This isknown from his action of killing and the strange voices he hearsafter killing the old man. The mad woman in the Yellow Wallpaper doesnot deny her madness and she uses it as a reason to revolt againsther husband.

It is clear that the madness of the man in the Tell-Tale Heart isdifferent from that of a woman in the Yellow Wallpaper. The mandenies being insane while the woman does not deny. It is also notablethat the madness of the woman is caused by the men who repressed thewoman into depression. The violence of the mad man is directedtowards an old person while the woman’s madness leads her to animaginary lady behind the wallpaper.

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