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30 March, 2016

Ms. Rheana Murray

Features Reporter

New York DailyNews

4 New York Plaza,

New York, NY,10004

Dear, Ms. Murray:

Disadvantagedgirls from South America have the opportunity to receive high-qualitytraining and education. High tuition fees have deterred many girlsfrom attending school and pursuing their dreams. Petition members ofthe public to make contributions that will support the establishmentof the school.

Carmen Sandiego,the first winner of the Miss All-World Pageant, has endeavored toestablish a special school known as the “All-World Academy.” Theschool will be based in Argentina and will cater for girls fromimpoverished backgrounds. Due to the high public interest ingirl-child education, the New York Daily News should feature thisstory in your column.

I am presentingthis story exclusively to the New York Daily News. Please respond byApril 4, 2016, if you are interested. I offer to arrange forinterviews and furnish you with supplementary information. You mayget in touch with me at [email protected]or by phone at 234-412-7990.

If I do not hearfrom you by April 3, 2016, I will call you to address anyreservations and provide more information. Thank you for yourconsideration.


Count Rupert vonCount

Founder, MissAll-World Pageant