Liberty The American Revolution

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The Articles of confederation which loosely held the thirteen statestogether had various problems which led to the convening of theconstitutional convention. The articles of confederation created anextremely weak central government. Governing the states becameextremely difficult due to the lack of powers in the centralgovernment. The articles of confederation gave sovereign powers toall the thirteen states which needed to vote on every national issueand this made America weak since the states could hardly agree onmany national issues(Al-Jazeera, 2015). Lack of centralized army,taxation system and judicial system weakened the country againstinternational threats.

Washington played a critical role in the convention considering thathe came from retirement and his presence was considered prestigious.Having led the revolution as a commander, numerous Americans wereready to support him and this made the constitution to be ratifiedout of his influence. His major role was influencing thenon-federalists to ratify the constitution and he offered hisinsight.

The major conflicts in the convention were regarding representationof the states at the congress. Whereas some advocated for each stateto have one representative, others advocated for representationthrough population. There was also the issue of independence of thestates and the issue of slavery at the convention as basis ofconflicts. Establishment of the bicameral legislative ended therepresentation conflict while the slave issue was resolved by deemingthe slaves as 3/5 of a vote.

The debate over the ratification of the constitution was fierce andfinally it was ratified. The federalists who supported theconstitution had great arguments regarding the advantages of theconstitution. They countered every argument by the non-federalistsand this led to the ratification of the constitution by the states(Al-Jazeera, 2015). The debate revolved around facts and theprotection of the rights of the paper, as well as the powers of thecentral government.

The video is perfect especially in the way events are organizedchronologically. The people offering opinions and facts are qualifiedhistorians. Even though the videos of the convention are notavailable, the video has presented images in a perfect way. However,the video does not offer deep insights into the discussions thatoccurred at the convention.


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