Life Story Photo Essay

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The photos explain the life story of a Chineselady from birth till marriage. The photos shows life ladder of achild. They show the various stages involved. The character in thephotos is a Chinese lady. The story line revolves around her lifefrom birth to marriage. She is seen to pass all the various stages inlife and coming out as a mature and responsible young mother. Thesetting encompasses different parts a child passes through to becomea responsible family man. The first setting is the hospital setup,followed by homestead and society, school, work place, wedding aisleand finally a recreational park. These various settings bring out thedifferent scenarios of human growth and development. The situationexplained is human growth in the context of different stages ofdevelopment.

The photos depict the theme of human-life. Thevarious photos bring out this theme clearly showing the stages ofhuman growth and development. These stages include birth, childhood,adolescence and early adulthood. These stages show a typicallifecycle of a human being and the activities that surround eachstage. Late adulthood is omitted intentionally to leave the beauty ofyouthful age before old age set in, which comes with so muchdependence and old-age related illnesses. Young life is celebrated asa beautiful thing.

The plot is well developed. The photos show theprogression of events vividly and chronologically. The first photoshows the hospital setting with the birth of a new life. It is verybeautiful and noble to bring a new life on earth. The second photoshows the early childhood of the new born interacting with herfriends. This photo tries to laud the parents for the great work andimmense care and dedication towards growth of the child throughinfancy and its many challenges to early childhood where the child isself-aware. The third photo shows the early school life of the child.This depicts the stage where the child is introduced to educationalmaterials to build on their intellect and knowledge.

The fourth photo shows the already grown childin college. This is the stage of complexity in terms of education,social life and personal development. The fifth photo shows the endof college life through graduation. The sixth photo shows thegraduated adult in her first day at work. Usually this is the stagethat follows after clearing college in an attempt to make a living.The seventh photo depicts a wedding ceremony between the now matureadult with her husband. The couple is now a new family. The lastphoto shows the new family with their son out in the park. This trulyshows the life story of a young lady. The chronology of events isvery systematic and clear.

This story can be figured easily without anyuse of narration. It is clear and self-explanatory. Any person candecode the meaning portrayed by the various photos and be able tocome up with a beautiful story from them. Therefore, narration is notrequired to convey the meaning. If narration were to be added, itwould be for mere purpose of putting my thoughts in it and show myviewpoint. Juxtaposition has been used very much in the photo story.The various stages of human life are aligned together in an attemptto compare them and contrast them at the same time. This comparisonbrings out the real issues of every stage in life. It opens ourcritical thoughts and analytical selves to discover the real issuesand true nature of every stage of human development.