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Socialtheory is a perspective of how human behavior is a connection to thewhole society. In this essay the social theory facing Egypt and alsothe Macro environment that Egypt has suffered over the years. Socialconflict theory is quite a challenge in Egypt. Over the recent years,Egypt underwent a transition in the Arab Spring, which was triggeredby a revolt from Tunisia[ CITATION Mic13 l 1033 ].

Themajority of Egyptians are Muslim with Coptic Christians making up tenpercent of the whole population. There has been a campaign for Egyptto adopt the Sharia law with others from the other parties vehementlyopposed and adamant that there need to have freedom of religion.Social conflict is reflected here as Muslims view their religion inEgypt as more superior than Christians therefore making it difficultfor Christians to conduct their business without interference[ CITATION Mic13 l 1033 ].

Feminismalso plays a significant role Egypt being a Muslim countrywoman donot have equal rights as the men and, therefore, all resources arenot all equitable. This shows that women do not stand equal rights asmen in everything. For example in Egypt, women not allowed to ownland. The level of equal rights to both genders is still but a dreamfor this country.The largest party in Egypt is controlled by theMuslim Brotherhood who believes that the Sharia law is what should beused. This brings into a different perspective for the women in thecountry and how they can be able to handle the dynamics that comeinto play. Symbolic interaction comes into play this is theperspective where the purpose of the people should be acknowledged.The purpose of the human being is important, and this is one of thekey issues that can be addressed. Egypt falls in the Arab countriesbut is a friend to the west. It has been funded by the Americangovernment, but there has been growing opposition that views the Westas dictatorial, and they believe they should chart their wayforward[ CITATION Tra14 l 1033 ].

Egypt,which is a member of the Middle East, relies more of its partnersupon other Middle East countries more than its African partners. Overthe years, it has focused on irrigation from the river Nile, butthere has been a lot of disagreements with other African countriesregarding the 1928 treaty that was signed.

Politicalstability and the economy of a country are directly related. Egypthad a stable economy but it s human right record was not something towrite about. After the revolution during the Arab Spring, Egyptchanged. It had been the leading tourist destination in Africa, butit has lost the top spot to South Africa. There has also been thereason due to the inability of the government to function properly asthey do have a budget deficit since the country has not beenoperating at its full capitalization. This has led to highunemployment rates for the youth and a lot of frustration. Most ofthe young people are highly skilled and with a country of eightymillion there is enough labor for the country. The military controlsthe state and has a lot of power having had the opportunity toendorse the last three presidents. This has led to the elite holdingonto to power using corruption and intimidation of the press. Thishas profoundly been challenged with the rise of social media whichhas given people the chance to share their ideas and the future ofEgypt.

TheMuslim Brotherhood is the largest opposition party that seeks tocontrol Egypt but is not in close relations with the West. TheAmerican government being the greatest financier in the militaryviews the group as part of a terrorist network that should be checkedat all cost. The Egyptian population is comprised of Sunni Muslimsthan the ship this makes it easy for Egyptians to be able to relatewell with the west and also to have had a majority from one class.That is why the revolution was successfully executed without a lot ofdifficulties[ CITATION Ahm08 l 1033 ].

Beingthe largest economy in Africa after surpassing South Africa it hasbecome of interest for the west to try and further their agenda. Forone to have control of middle east they should befriend Egypt.Thecountry is facing challenges from Israel and others and having lost astaunch politician, Hosni Mubarak, it has faced a lot of problems inthe transition of power with many of this leader who seem to beunable to lead. Unemployment having been an important factor in theArab spring and the high population that is already unemployed showsthat there are underlying issues that are yet to be sorted andsweeping them under the carpet will not solve anything in the longrun..The effects of globalization have made Egypt youth not to beleft out.

Duringthe spring, it was due to the information they shared with the socialmedia that they were able to keep up with the unrest. This brought aslow growth in the economy as one of their foreign exchange earnerswhich are tourism suffered a blow but has been growing steadily overthe years. Unemployment has brought about poverty to the youth, andthis should be a growing concern because of radicalization. Radicalization has always thrived where there is poverty and peoplehave no hope. This has seen the Muslim Brotherhood strengthen butwhat has always helped the Egyptian government has a strong militarythat can also protect the minorities.

Radicalizationhas become a significant threat because of the instability of Libyaand the growth of ISIS, which has become a threat to the world. Ifthe economy of Egypt does not strengthen and people are not givenopportunities, then Egypt will not reap from the revolution that itso fought for a few years ago. The status quo will remain, and Humanrights violation will be a just a passing cloud. It is, therefore,important that Egypt works on changing the constitution and ensurepower remains with the people and not the military.

Egypthas faced a security challenge since the Arab spring and this hasalso pushed investors away leading to a drop in the foreign exchange.Security can be in different dimensions that should come fromintelligence to having enough resources to counter another attackfrom the enemy it is for this reason that Egypt has to ensure theirneighbors such as Libya are also stable to ensure the region canachieve success. Education and literacy levels in Egypt haveincreased and should be maintained. This will ensure that the economycan always grow.

Globalwarming is a threat to any nation and Egypt being a desert also has achallenge here. They are trying to spend more on irrigation andreclaiming other parts. With substantial investment in the valueaddition processes in the fruit industry then this will boost theEgyptian. The green house farming companies need to be regulated toensure minimal of carbon emissions. This has to be the governmentagenda that the laws be passed to protect the desert. Food securityprogrammers’ are more about policies put in place by the governmentthat what the private sector wants to do.It is due to planning andbudgeting for the country that we macro factors end up affecting thecountry positively.

Energyand infrastructure have been quite a challenge as more of themanufacturing companies are closing shop. The government has to finddifferent ways of trying to build renewable sources due to thepopulation growth. The greatest challenge is exploitation andovercharging of energy making it unbearable for the business peopleto be able to afford the cost. The rise of the cost of living is athreat to the unemployed masses.

Governmentregulation should be at the fore front to ensure laws are implementedto give Egypt a competitive edge among its competitors. This willhave to make sure that they balance between investors and economicgrowth and also ensure the interests of its people have beenaddressed. It is for this reason that Egypt finds itself in a uniqueposition where the Muslim Brotherhood wants a Sharia country with themilitary interested in a more liberal country that can be useful forevery religion[ CITATION Cat11 l 1033 ].


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