Marijuana should be Legalized Countrywide

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Legalizing the use of marijuana is a social controversy with somepeople believing that its use should be curtailed just like any drugin the United States. However, most people are oblivious of theeconomic and medicinal purposes that the citizens can draw from theuse of marijuana. These benefits to a great extent exceed theperceived dangers that accompany the use of marijuana.

First, marijuana contains active compounds that are similar to themolecules found in the body called endocannabinoids (Ware 691). Thecompounds influence the immune system and prevent the nerve cellsfrom a premature death. They are also instrumental in influencing themood, memory, sleep, sensation and appetite. The compound found inmarijuana binds with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, and itimproves the functioning of the body systems. The medical bodiesunderstand this, and it explains why, until its prohibition in 1937,Cannabis Sativa was one of the top three prescribed medicines inAmerica (Zuardi 154).

Secondly, cancer and related diseases dominate in the health careindustry. Cannabis is renowned for its ability to relieve nauseaduring chemotherapy treatment (Zuardi 153). Research also shows thatit can prevent the spread of some cancers. For example, in 2010, anAmerican Biochemist, Dennis Hill successfully suppressed his stage 4prostate cancer using marijuana. His doctor confirmed that his PSAhad not risen I over two and a half months indicating the possiblerecession of his disease (Sumpter).

Research also indicates that the use of marijuana suppresses theimmune system and it can be a recommendable drug to ease the pain(Doblin and Kleiman 1315). Most of the patients suffering fromarthritis and cancer undergo painful experiences. The use ofmarijuana can suppress the inflammation and ease the pain. Researchpublished in the Canadian Medical Association Journal involves aclinical trial involving a sample of patients with chronic nervepain the research indicates that three puffs a day provided positivefeedback on pain reduction and enhanced sleep.

In conclusion, there is every reason to legalize the use of marijuanaalongside other drugs used for medicinal purposes. Its use in cancertreatment, easing pain and improving the efficiency of body systemsis very relevant to the ailments that people suffer from today.Instead of procuring expensive drugs, citizens can readily cultivatemarijuana and make the drug cheap and available in all healthinstitutions.

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