Memorandum to Dan Jones Memorandum

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Memorandumto Dan Jones


To:Dan Jones

Topic:Thomas Minke’s situation

28thMarch 2016

Thesituation of Thomas Minke is quite challenging, given the fact thathe is the only person who is in a good position of taking care of hisailing mother. This company has a need to put extreme value on issuesthat are of high importance such as the life and survival of anotherindividual, in our case the mother of Minke. The fact that he hasworked for this company for a long period provides the company theneed to accord him the time off that he requires. This is importantboth legally and ethically as he has a right to take care of personalissues that have an effect on him directly.

Theproblem, however, is that with his absence there is bound to aproblem in terms of the work load that will be put upon the employeewho shall remain behind. They will need to put in more hours thannormal so as to cover the gap that shall be left by Minke until sucha time that he will return, which could take very long. This couldbring up dire ethical and legal problems, especially as they relateto the increased workload that they will have to deal with. Thecompany cannot, again choose to release Minke completely as this willmean that the company has neglected him at a time that he needs itthe most. This could also open up a chance of legal action againstthe company. Given the situation, it may be necessary to releaseMinke to take care of his mother and to hire someone to replace himon a temporary basis until such a time that he will return and takeback the position.