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Thepopularity and usefulness of 2010 cannot beunderestimated. However, privacy has seen the development of productsthat seek to function and appear like the Microsoft products. Mostproducts are available for download for free on the internet but theyare less efficient and not genuine. Most of the products workefficiently with major operating systems such as Linux and WindowsXP. Microsoft has come up with ways to safeguard their products fromprivacy. Replicated products are not genuine hence do not work likethe authentic and Access in the market. Further, itis notable that the imitated Microsoft products do not have samecapabilities and features like the genuine products. Some even havedifferent icons although appear to function like the Office products.Microsoft Access 2010 has features and capabilities that aredifficult to replicate hence making it hard for the overall MicrosoftOffice 2010 to operate effectively. Password and key are sometimesrequired to hence offering protection to the genuine products. Thepopularity of has to be protected to safeguard usersfrom losing their data or even fail to understand the functioning ofthe product.


Tulloch,M. (2012). Securityand privacy for 2010 users.Redmond, Wash: Microsoft Press.


Iam in agreement with the writer that imitation of genuine IT productshas heightened the need for safeguarding the users’ interests. Itis clear from the essay that the non-genuine products do not functionappropriately with the operating systems. The author recognizes thatimitated products are many and readily available on the internet.


Iagree that forms have crucial role in entering data in the tableswhen creating database. Friendly database, as the writer notes, isimportant to protect the data generated by the user. It is also truethat Access offers basic knowledge on website development andprogramming tools. I also agree that tutorials, whether online or inphysical environment, are instrumental to offer one with the rightknowledge on IT-related issues.