Mobilizing the Ecological Society

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Mobilizingthe Ecological Society

Mobilizingthe Ecological Society

Environmentaleducation is just a big guilt trip

Environmentaleducation has become one of the pertinent issues globally. Educatorsplay a significant role towards countering the claims of denialists’who think that induction of climate change through human activitiesis a mere myth publicized by liberals. Even though many people acceptclimate change as an actual phenomenon, many are ignorant of itscauses. The absence of environmental education plays a significantrole towards the propagation of this problem. Global warming raisesethical concerns as our present actions will determine the well-beingof future generations.

Youhave to break a few eggs to make an omelet: environmental changealways requires conflict

Thereis much doubt with regards to the relationship between environmentalchanges and conflict even though many scholars elude the existence ofan indirect link between environmental change and conflict. Unlesspreventive measures are undertaken, climate change may lead toinsecurity and impoverishment. However, there is no explicit linkagebetween increased conflict and environmental changes. Conflictsemanate primarily from economic and political reasons. Fightersexploit climatic conditions such as flooding and drought to propagatetheir interests.

Let’sface it: People are inherently greedy individualists, so collectiveaction is always hard

Thereis a need for collective action if we are to address the pertinentissue of environmental change. We need to overcome the human natureof individualism, greed and selfishness to reach a consensus thathuman actions contribute significantly to climate change. Principaleconomic activities which contribute to gross domestic products ofcountries have also been implicated as major players in environmentalpollution. However, most of these companies are focused on makinglarger profits disregarding the impact of their activities on theenvironment. Collective action should be embraced by humanity if weare to control the environmental changes on earth. The primary focusshould not be guided by how much money we can accumulate but by theenvironmentally-friendly processes.