Music and Musical Score

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In the movie “Armageddon”, music has been used to appeal to theemotions of the viewer. The movie can either be classified as adisaster film or love story. It features a crew who embark on amission to stop an asteroid from colliding with earth (Bay &ampBruckheimer, 1998). It is generally a sad movie, and the sadness hasbeen brought out by the music.

From the start of the movie, the music affected me in a negative way.As the crew members prepare to leave for space, they sing about theirtrip. It is obvious that they are apprehensive of the unexpected.They are going into space and anything bad could happen. Music playsin the background, which shifts from soothing to alarming. At onepoint, it seems that there is excitement, but mostly there is fear ofthe unknown enhanced by the background music.

The theme song “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” enhances thesadness in the movie. Prior to the crew leaving for space two of thecharacters have fallen in love. As one of the characters is leftbehind the music creates a somber mood because one of the lovers hasto leave and it is uncertain whether he will come back alive. Alsothe protagonist leaves behind the daughter, who has to deal with thesadness of being left by her father and boyfriend at the same time.

While the crew is in space, things do not happen as expected. Theybegin to lose some crew members and all this while music playsperiodically. Finally, the protagonist does not make it back and asthe viewer observes his fast the music becomes more intense. Themusic in the movie affected me negatively because it compelled me tofeel compassionate towards the characters.


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