My Career Path as a Lawyer

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MyCareer Path as a Lawyer


MyCareer Path as a Lawyer

WrittenReport: My career as a lawyer at The Banda Law Office in Saudi Arabia

Thechoice an individual makes concerning a particular career pathdetermines his or her input or contribution to the general societythrough the course of life. This paper outlines my desired careerchoice and the future professional paths I desire to undertake. Mycurrent major is Law, and I would desire to become a partner in amajor law firm in Saudi Arabia- such as the Bander Alnogaithan LawOffice (Brezina,2010).The following information evaluates the company’s background,professional opportunities involved and other demands or requirementsof pursuing a law career at the firm.

Historyof the Company

TheBanda Law Office is a law firm based in Saudi Arabia. The company’sfocus regarding professional practice involves the full-service law.In other words, the company includes the practice of law in manyareas ranging from business or corporate law, international law,estate planning, environmental and natural resources and intellectualproperty law among other things. Mr. Alnogaithan, an alumnus ofHarvard University, Boston University, and King Abdul-AzizUniversity, founded the company, which is located in Riyadh, in theyear 2009. Mr. Alnogaithan has over a decade’s experience in thepractice of law within Saudi Arabia’s legal system. It is alsoimportant to note that the founder, Mr. Alnogaithan, serves in theInsurance Court of Saudi Arabia he is a member of “The Committeefor Resolution of Insurance Disputes and Regulations.”

Opportunitiesat the Company

Thecorporation has put up a strong brand regarding the practice ofbusiness law, banking, and finance, cooperate law, litigation andeven Saudi Arabia’s foreign investment law. I must confess that Ihave always had a keen interest in practicing law from the businessperspective, hence my interest in working with the company. Also, TheBanda Law Office is keen on having robust and reliable relations withit’s cooperate clients. The firm aids business entities enteringthe Saudi Arabian Market by providing them with proficient legalsupport. In more concrete terms, the company focuses on legal adviceto clients that relates to copyright, joint ventures, mergers andacquisitions, subsidiary companies, Saudi Arabia’s Monetary Agency,the Investment Authority and regulatory approval. Because ofincreasing demand for such services in Saudi, the company offers theopportunity of becoming a partner in the law firm. I must confessthat this is my career goal for the next ten years. As a graduatelawyer, I will be able to serve the company as a junior solicitor(Arsanjani&amp Reisman, 2011).I could easily be the individual in charge of client briefs- anopportunity for gaining invaluable experience.

Withina few years of working with the firm, I would be able to become anassociate or senior associate, of course before becoming an officialpartner of the company. In this position, I believe I will haveopportunities of gaining, even more, experience because of directrelationships with clients and having to deal with the broad range ofwork for the company. Besides, the compensation would be attractiveper se.

Challengesand Demands at the Company

Asignificant challenge involves a rise in the number of lawyers in theMiddle East since there are many workers from foreign countriescoming to the region. This implies a sense of competition that can becurbed by enhancing education and training from an individualisticperspective. On the other hand, becoming a partner of the companywould require some considerable investments.

CareerPath at the Company

Ashinted before, I stand the chance of being employed as a juniorsolicitor in the enterprise. Such involves being a first contactperson for clients seeking services of the company. The job positionwould require building and maintain relations with clients whileoffering them much needed legal advice. It would also include courtappearances and the preparation of legal documents. After some yearsat the firm, I would serve as an associate of the company. Such wouldinvolve carrying out some supervisory [roles within the company. Atthis position, my level of education would be required to involveearning a master’s degree in Law. As a partner of the company, Iwould be obliged to make investments of more time carrying outmanagerial roles. Also, such a position would require monetaryinvestments and financial management practices.


Thispaper establishes that the selection of a career path remains a verysignificant endeavor since it enables individuals to makecomprehensive plans for their future in particular professionalfields. Also, it allows professionals to identify and cope withpossible challenges that they might face. Overall, the aboveinformation of The Law Office of Bander Alnogaithan, career path,challenges, demands, and requirements fulfills the requirements ofthe assignment.


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