My favorite character is Don Giovanni

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this is because he iscourageous and fearless since he appears on the scene and sys that itwill be his dignity to fight, and this portrays the warrior spirit inhim, he likes killing people since he does not hesitate to swing hissword and stab his opponent. Also, he is magnificent at handlingwomen try to comfort them but at the same time hiding his name hismakes him a womanizer.

For an individual with such characters, I would have expected nothingless from what I saw, and the character is just outstanding. TheMozart used music in both the vocal and instrumental to portray thecharacter’s notion of fearlessness and also his abilities tocomfort the lady whom he wanted to rape. Also, the music used avariation in the tone while the instruments went on a high note whenan incidence such as anger presented itself, and this promoted theenthusiasm to continue to view the song. Don Giovanni is somehowfunny and entertaining thus making the song, even more, captivitiesand enjoyable to watch.

Don Giovanni’s ruthless character just brings out the masculinityin him which tends to promote his acts of courage and confidence atthe same time. Since his opponent got dressed like a real worrierwith a helmet and a sword then here comes Don with no shield norhelmet and takes his challenge. He goes ahead and engages in fightinghim with just a sword in his hand, but the truth is Don is anexperienced fighter with excellent fighting skills that makes himtear down his formidable built opponent emerging the winner of thecontest.