My Favorite Teacher

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MyFavorite Teacher

MyFavorite Teacher

Myfavorite teacher is my English teacher I like her because of her modeof teaching. She is meticulous with an eye for detail. She involvesthe class in her teaching through giving vivid examples. Her approachto teaching ensures that everyone participates in answering questionsand through this the class is always in wait for the English lesson.She not only cares about the subject but also all her students.Whenever she realizes that one or two students are missing in classshe always follows up to ensure that they are back to class.

Madam(insert your teachers name) as we fondly refer to her maiden name isever candid in her explanations and examples so that even when asubject is so complex I have in all cases comprehended what she triedto get at. Her lessons have always been absolutely fascinating,extremely interesting and effective. The fact that she has a lovelypersonality has always endeared her to the students making herlessons something to look forward to. Alert with a listeningattitude she has never belittled anyone and always has had one phrasefor us Allsuccessful people look like you. Thisis what motivates all of us to pass in English with high gradesbecause we realize we are all equal and no one is superior to theother.

Madam(insert your teachers name) has always inspired me because of herimmense knowledge and passion about English as a subject. I cannotforget the kindheartedness and compassion she has been showing me andmany other students in our class whenever we lacked something to eatduring break time. She has been sincerely patient with many jokersin our class and this has enabled them to become serious withlearning.


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