Myths and Lies That Deceive the Public and Harm American Public

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Mythsand Lies That Deceive the Public and Harm American Public Education

Mythsand Lies that Deceive the Public and Harm American Public Education

Berlinerand Glass identify and explain 50 myths that affect the Americanpublic schools. Many ideologies surrounding America’s schools arelies and myths that assert that private schools are superior topublic schools, Teachers should be sacked when students do notaverage marks and public school students perform poorly in sciencesand mathematics. The authors argue thatlies and myths perpetuatedagainst public schools are created my institutions and organizationswhich seek to benefit from the destruction of the American schools. Berliner and Glass assessquality issues in the education sector in public schools against homeschooling, cyber schools, vouchers, and charter schools. International assessment of schools published in community forums andother media are our greatest failure. Sufficient statistical evidenceillustrate that international assessments utilize policies highlycondemned by institutions advocating for the failure myths. Berlinerargues that education programs, teacher’s pay and merit, evaluationmodel, and teachers unions play a key role in the quality ofeducation delivered in schools (Berliner&amp Glass, 2014).

The authors did an excellent job in arguing their points onthe subject matter. I loved the use of tables, figures andstatistical analysis in the presentation. The use of visuals in thepresentation made it easy for viewers to listen, read and comprehend. The authors separate fiction from facts as they explore thecontemporary American education reforms. Berliner and Glass explainin detail how the mythical failure of the American education systemhas been created and advanced by institutions that have economic andpolitical interests in the destruction of American education system.I agree with the authors when they list the various media andorganizations that report false information on the education system,and how they benefit from the myths perpetuated.



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