Natural Resources Questions

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1. In your opinion, what is the current state of the land andnatural resources today? Does the US fare better than the rest of theworld?

The Land and other natural resources are facing a great risk ofdepletion. According to Natural resources, Biomes and US NationalParks (2003 PPT), the land is facing the challenge of progressivebreakdown in productivity. There are also the limits of availabilityof productive land and water. Some factors that are causing theserisks of depletion of the natural resource include climate change aswell as socioeconomic factors. The available land requires someattention to regain productivity. The situation is similar across theworld and most countries are facing the challenge of land and otherresources depletion. In terms of faring, it is apparent that theUnited States is able to sustain the population in comparison toother nations (Lujala &amp Rustad, 2011).However, the trend is threatening and a step to redeem theproductivity of the land will save the situation.

2. Should more money be spent on conservation and preservationof National Parks?

The government of the United State has the responsibility ofpreserving and conserving the national parks. More money should beput aside to conserve and preserve that particular national resourceas it is a major investment of the States. The national parks arereasons for local and international tourism in the United States.According to Natural resources, Biomes and US National Parks (2003PPT), it is a major buster to the economy of the state. Therefore,the parks preserve the national heritage, facilitate education andmake affordable destinations for the local and international tourists(Lujala &amp Rustad, 2011).As a major investment, funds should be set aside to put in placebetter visitor centers and campgrounds that accommodate moretourists.

3. What makes more sense to you, the Wise Use Movement or theEnvironmental Movement? Why?

The Environmental Movement makes more sense to me. The reason is thatan environment with the natural resources is more appealing that anenvironment whose resources are destroyed. Science proves that theexistence of plants enhances the survival of living things since itis at the bottom of the hierarchy (Lujala &ampRustad, 2011). Therefore, the fact that Environmental Movementprotects the natural resource, it makes more sense rather than thepropaganda that there is no hole in the ozone layer spread of theWise Use Movement.


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