Nursing Assessment and Diagnosis Case Studies

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NursingAssessment and Diagnosis Case Studies

NursingAssessment and Diagnosis Case Studies


Inthe case of father time, the assessment would be based on the abilityhim being satisfied by the contributions he has made. The patient ison generativity versus stagnation of Erikson stage given hisdementia-like situation and elderly depression. Adam, Odell and Welch(2013) assert that most elderly people feel worthless hence, thestagnation aspect crisis of the patient. Regarding the problem facedby Father Time, he feels that something should have happened lastDecember, or he should have been done with the action.

Inthe advanced age of the father time, he should have done everyactivity that he thinks of and in the period he is in, he should besettled. The state of lacking what to give back to the society is aproblem experienced by father time. He is not able to participate inthe activities of the society due to his lack of aggression in thepast.

Theintervention of nursing emerges in this state of father time whereby,he is encouraged to feel satisfied by the much he had contributed tothe society (Cohen, 2010). The feeling that he is unproductive to thesociety causes his state of despair. A patient needs to bediscouraged from feeling that they are stagnant and unproductive inthe society.

Tohelp Father Time at the period, he is unable to put on his calllight engaging him in an activity that would make him feel he hascontributed enough to the society would help. Helping Father Time inaccounting for his successes would boost his satisfaction in theadvanced age. Keeping awake late at night is physically demandinghence, would facilitate the development of arthritis. Advising FatherTime to take his cup of tea and then get some sleep would help tominimize the severity of arthritis.


Theperformance of an assessment on Santa Claus should be done to ensurethat the primary duty of a dental surgeon is done. Santa Clauscomplains of a toothache and can no longer eat cookies. From thedevelopment of a toothache, Santa is not able to eat sugary foodstuffand risks losing his teeth. Santa Claus faces the danger of not beingable to consume meals that require proper chewing.

Inthe second step of diagnosis, the patient is to be subjected toseries of identification of illness in the dental formula. Thedescription given by the patient in collaboration to the medicalskills of the dentist would help in diagnostic process (Cohen, 2010).In the diagnostic process, Santa Claus is possibly suffering from gumdisease. Overconsumption of cookies mostly causes the gum diseasesuffered by Santa.

Inthe implementation of a safe nursing care to the patient, the startshould be the introduction of the patient into an urgent phase. Inthis process, Santa would get relief from the gum infection.

TheWicked Witch

Theassessment stage on the Wicked Witch would be based on the judgmentof the behaviors portrayed by the witch. In this stage, examinationof a patient in a thoughtful and careful way would help in thedevelopment of a better judgment (Adam et al., 2013). Understandingthe behavior of the Witch would enable the assessor to know the causeof her rude behavior.

Inthe diagnostic process of the patient, the interaction between thepatient and the medical personnel would enable the patient to providea hint to the rude behavior (Cohen, 2010). The wicked witch may bebehaving rudely due to the poor condition she is living in. The wetsheets she uses are likely to cause medical complications to herhealth. Discomfort can cause undesirable behavior in an individual.From the rude state, she is likely to be depicting her discomfort,which is psychological.

Implementationof safe nursing care to the wicked witch would change her behavior.In this relation, ensuring that a patient is comfortable in thesociety makes them behave in a different manner (Cohen, 2010). Forthe wicked witch, she can change the rude character by beingcomfortable and ensuring she lives in better condition.

TheWicked Witch should be taken to the bathroom, washed up and put backin bed. Checking her for injuries then restraining her would behelpful. Calling a medical doctor for her examination anddocumentation of the incident in a chart would be required. Furthermore, filling an incidental report for the manager and moppingthe floor would be done as lasts step.


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