Obesity in Children

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The topic selected for the project is obesity in children. Childhoodobesity is a situation whereby children accumulate excess fat thatmay negatively interfere with their healthy (Alemzadeh et al. 15).Obesity has shown its increase in children recently. An introductionof unhealthy foods, poor eating habits and insufficient physicalexercises has led to the increase of child obesity. The drasticincrease of obesity cases in children has raised a concern because itleads to social and health problems (Alemzadeh et al. 22). Theepidemic of obesity in young people is evident in the United States.Focusing on the increase of child obesity, a blame is placed onunhealthy foods sold in places like restaurants. However, the presentlifestyles are aiding in the rise of this problem. Instead ofconsuming healthy foods at their homes, families go for unhealthymeals sold in restaurants (Alemzadeh et al. 10). Unless people stopthe habit of preferring foods, the issue of child obesity will neverend. The question is whether child obesity will be fully eradicatedthrough avoiding unhealthy foods sold in restaurants.

Project Timeline



Acquire staff and resources

1st April 2016– 10th April 2016

Completion of interview

15th April 2016 – 1st June 2016

Evaluation and analysis of interview data

5th June 2016 – 5th July 2016

Collection of resources for annotated bibliography

15th July – 1st August 2016

The structure of the timeline is made to ensure that each task isdone to its perfection. Activities like interview require enough timeand a skilled staff for accurate collection of data. A time isallocated for recruiting staff and acquiring the necessary resources.This will ensure that the best people are selected to join the teamand the relevant resources acquired (Alemzadeh et al. 25). Completionof the interview is the next task. Since preparation for theinterview will be done, it will be well conducted. The structure,therefore, favors proper conducting of the interview. In summary, thedesign of the timeline will facilitate the success of the project.

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