Operation Management Class

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OperationManagement Class


Butterfingeris made from creamy peanut butter. The peanuts are roast and groundin the factory. Corn flour, which is one of the ingredients, is addedto the peanut butter to give it its texture. In a different kernel, amixture of molasses, sugar and water is put and mixed. TheButterfinger is put in this mixture and a gas is passed through pipesinto a cooking chamber which has a temperature of 300 degree Celsius.The mixture is then cooled and cut to different sizes. The needs ofthe customers are satisfied with the color and the taste of theButterfinger. The taste has been improved over the years, and thecustomers are satisfied with that.


Thisis formed by first putting water, sugar, and enriched wheat flourinto a cooking kernel and then mixed. They are pumped into adifferent kernel where the required flavors are added to give it therequired taste. The mixture is then thickened to form the shape oftwizzles. The thickened mixture is made into slides and put in adrying tunnel. They are packaged after 10 hours in the drying tunnel.The strategy used is the flavors that give the Twizzlers its colorand the taste.

Processand competitive strategy

Personally,I feel that the processes for making both products are the best and Icannot recommend any further improvement. The processes are simple tofollow making homemade products easy to make. On the competitivestrategy, I recommend the use of mixed strategies most probably thecost and product differentiation. They should differentiate theirproducts and make different shapes and sizes. Likewise, when makingthe pricing decisions, they should find out the prices of otherrelated products before settling on the price of their products.