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PersonalAction Plan: Stress ManagementFull NameSouthern NewHampshire University

PersonalAction Plan: Stress Management

Stressis a response to an external force and hence interfering with thenormal functioning of the body. It emanates from pressure or tensionthat an individual could be experiencing due to various externalfactors. The reaction maximum stress could trigger a hormonalimbalance and hence pose other health challenges.

Thestress topic is relevant to psychologists as it is related toproblems that psychologists deal with in their day to day life(Gregson, 2000). It provides the doctors with vital information onwhich they could base their research. Stress also leads to issuesthat are relevant to the field psychology such as depression.

Stressplays a significant role in my life. When am passing throughunpleasant experiences, stress sets in and it has severalimplications. One of the consequences of stress in my life is that itinterferes with my goals and objectives through influencing myproduction capacity. Usually, when being stressed, I lack focus andcannot concentrate in all I do. Whether in school or the place ofwork, an ability to perform reduces which highly affects my programs.It also significantly interferes with my set objectives.

Inthe study &quothow education to influences diseases: Study revealsinflammation as the culprit.&quot By Cohen, Stress makes the immunesystem weak and hence unable to regulate the inflammatory process andweaken the body both physically and psychologically, leading toprogression of diseases (In Wrench, 1971). People who suffer frompsychological stress are highly susceptible to common cold.Psychological stress weakens the body and reduces the ability of theimmune system to fight against diseases .Psychological stress,therefore, leads to depression, common cold and heart diseases amongother ailments. This study is relevant to the field of psychology asit enables the psychologists to understand the human behavior duringpsychotherapies and is also able to advise on the health measuresthat the individuals should employ. As a person, the given theinformation necessary so that I could avoid all factors andconditions that could lead to stress, so that I keep common diseasesat bay (Gregson, 2000). For my career interests, the studies providevital information that could inform the better understanding ofclients as engage with them in various treatments. It offers me anopportunity to better understand the emergence of diseases topatients who are experiencing stress.

Inthe study,” stress changes how people make decisions”, it wasfound that people who are psychologically stressed learn frompositive reports while negative reports reduce learning. Thepsychologically stressed pay more attention to the positive side ofall the situations they encounter. They also pay less attention tothe negative side of the situations that they face at any given time.It was, for example, found that it is harder for stressed people whoare drug addicts to control their urges (Gregson, 2000). The studyalso discovered that women who are psychologically stressed tend tobond more while the men are more likely to engage in fights or runaway from difficult situations. To sum it up the study found out thatstressed people focus more on the things that go right and fewerthings that could go wrong. The study is relevant to the field ofpsychology as it provides the factual basis upon which psychologistscould borrow as the conducting treatment ant teaching.

Theywould acquire information that could encourage stress patients alsoto focus o the downside as they make vital decisions. It providessignificant information to the psychologist that makes help thestress patients also to learn from negative feedbacks and not justfrom positive comments. In my life as a person, the study provides mewith vital information on what I should avoid whenever am stressed(Van, .McFarlane, &amp Weisæth, 1996). It provides me withinformation on why I should not make hasty decisions while stressed.It enables me to be independent decisions without focusing on justone side of situations. It informs me that I should evaluate allsides of situations so that I don`t make poor judgments only to endup regretting later.

Thestudy is vital to my career interests as it provides significantinformation on how I should respond to peers and patients who areexperiencing different levels of stress. The study is a valuableresource to my career as I could borrow heavily from it in all myundertakings.

Stresshas several effects on both men and women. However, the most commonare a headache which is commonly associated with men who arestressed. A headache could be severe at times, and health care shouldbe sought to alleviate the pains. Most men who are stressed alsoexperience depression which is a dangerous health condition as itcould interfere significantly with the functioning of other bodysystems and hence have its toll on the health of individuals. Menalso experience rapid pounding of the heart while stressed, which isequally dangerous and could lead to heart attacks (Gregson, 2000).That probably explains why men experience heart attacks more thanwomen. Women on the other hand experience stomach pains whilestressed, which is very severe at times (Van, .McFarlane, &ampWeisæth, 1996). They could also experience irregular menstrualcycles and could at times have higher than normal bleeding whichcould necessitate specialized medical attention. Stressed women alsoexperience rapid breathing, and that could be risky to the properfunctioning of their hearts. They also experience occasional backaches. Particularly during the monthly

Toreduce stress, it is advisable that one eats healthy diets byensuring that all the meals are balanced to take care of all thenutritional requirements. Carbohydrates, proteins, and vitaminsshould be availed in all the meals. Stressed people should alsoreduce the amounts of caffeine and sugar intakes. It has been foundout that sugar and caffeine plays a significant role in theinterfering of moods and hence enhances stress. Stressed peopleshould also avoid alcohol and cigarettes as they are known tocompound stress. Stressed people should also endeavor to get enoughsleep at all times. Rest provides the body with an opportunity torelax and hence overcome stress factors.

Tomanage stress, Individuals who are stressed should avoid sources thatare leading to stress. They should identify sources and makedeliberate efforts to avoid the sources. The stressed individualsshould also be positive and realistic in all their goals, attitudes,and approaches. Sometimes setting unrealistic goals could contributeto stress (Gregson, 2000). The person should develop positiveperceptions towards situations and circumstances so that they arebetter equipped to cope with pressures of life (Van, .McFarlane, &ampWeisæth, 1996). Stressed individuals should also learn and makeefforts to practice relaxation techniques. That would enable them todistract their minds from stressful situations. It is also importantthat stressed individuals exercise regularly and eat healthily. Timemanagement is also an important aspect, and it prevents theindividuals from putting themselves into undue pressures.

Theactivities to achieve the goals are clearly defined. Running is oneof the activities, and great attention has been taken even in termsof time to be achieved (Van, .McFarlane, &amp Weisæth, 1996).Losing weight and push ups are the other activities. It is clearstrategies have been put in place to achieve the goals. He isflexible in that he gives a room for delay in achieving the goals.

Inthe past, I have set financial goals with the aim to buy a car andhouse. However, there is no given time I have ever allowed stress totake the better of me. I have put in place measures aimed atovercoming the pressure .I have also set a goal of completing ahigher education degree. All the stated goals require finances andhave put measures to achieve the necessary finances to accomplish mygoals. However I approach my mission to accomplish with an open mindso that any encountered challenges do not lead to stress, whichaffect my health and hence affect the ability to reach the goals(Van, .McFarlane, &amp Weisæth, 1996). The challenges experiencedare that the goals are not achieved within the exact timelines andhave put necessary measures so that I don’t sink into stress.

Inconclusion, stress is caused by several factors and all individualsare faced with the risk of experiencing some levels of stress at somepoint in their lives. However, psychologist and medical experts haveengaged in researches that could alleviate stress among patients.


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