Personal Experience with Teamwork

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PersonalExperience with Teamwork

PersonalExperience with Teamwork

Inmy experience, the team charter is a very useful document in thecourse of teamwork. It helps to give the direction, next stage, andscope among more other proceedings that happen in a group. A standardteam charter is supposed to entail details such as the purpose,vision, operating procedures, values, goals, mutual expectations, androles and responsibilities. The team charter was used to guide us tostart the team, however, after sometimes we never referred to it. Themain reason for this was that every member felt that there was noneed for it for we became consistent with the purpose of the group.There was a general feeling that, referring to it would take time.However, as it later dawned, there were some challenges encounteredwhich could have been avoided through periodic review and referenceof the charter.

Theteam achieved its objectives in many occurrences. We were able toattend our discussion adequately in time, and every member activelycontributed his or her ideas. These achievements were accomplisheddue to the cohesiveness of the members. Cohesiveness among memberswas due to the good and advance communication among the members.There was a smooth flow of information since the group consisted offive members. Our decisions were made through group thinking. Thiscreated harmony among members helping each of us is determined inworking towards the achievement of the team. Being an aspiringleader, implementing these aspects will enhance the unity of a groupand success at large.

Somechallenges, however, accompanied this achievement. The primarychallenge for the team was the tension between the members during thefirst few days. Each one of us having different individual traitsfelt strange in the first days of the meeting. Individually, I had toset apart different attributes so as to work as a part of the team.The frequent meetings by team members helped to address this tension.The team leader encouraged us towards accomplishing the achievementof the team.

Onemethod of overcoming the challenges in my group was through theindividual participation of every member. The team’s work wasdistributed among members basing on individual strengths. When theleader was assigning these duties, all members were given a chance tochip in their thoughts. The team targets were in consideration withthe resources available.

Theprimary goals outlined in the team charter were not met entirely. Themain reason to why these goals here not fully achieved is the factthat they were not consistent due to the inadequate reference andupdating. The work plan goals which included knowing what to be doneat a given moment and also the time to be taken were achieved. Theachievement was due to the frequent communication after everymeeting. The primary failure, however, happened in the processimprovements.

Wehardly referred to the charter this failure led to the group failingto note certain setbacks which needed to be remedied. Processimprovement has mostly involved the determination of those stepswhich either needs to be changed or to be enhanced. These actions aredetermined by evaluating the processes and drawing out the success orlimitations of efficiency in that precise process. To come up withmore achievable goals, I learnt that it is crucial to referfrequently to the team charter. The objectives themselves should beachievable. It is also vital to reflect on the goals being specific,time oriented, agreed by group members and quantifiable.