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PersonalResponse Paper

“Meetthe Patron Saint of Introverts” by Beth Dreher

The topic in this essay is very intriguing and I love it partlybecause it touches on a key issue in human life. It appeals to manyaudiences out there because they belong to either of the two sides-introverts or extroverts. The essay is about a review of a novel bySusan Cain, “Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”.The author is an introvert who started a movement called QuietRevolution, to help other introverts cope with life which is alwaysunfair and against them as compared to extroverts. The essay targetsthe introverts as audience in their own lives and tries to expound onthe issue as well as encourage them to live their lives to thefullest.

This essay is quite short as compared to formalresearch papers since it’s a review about the author. Though ituses interview method to collect data just like some formal papers,the language is more oriented to the author’s perspective insteadon criticizing or digging deeper on the pertinent issue. The citationstyle is very different and aligns with that of newspaper articles.

“WhyWeb Reviewers make up bad things” by David Streitfeld

The topic in this essay is both appealing and informative and triesto expound on the issue of positive and negative reviews found on theweb about a product or company. The essay appeals to all peopleespecially online shoppers because it gives advice about the trustthey should hold on the reviews given by people about their favoritecompanies or products in their website. They should not merely trustthese reviews as real because some are written by few people who wantto detour the status of the company.

The audience are not so different from those of formal researchpapers because the essay alludes to some research done on the issue,therefore, targeting the same audience. This essay is short and doesnot follow the order of research papers. The citation of sources isalmost the same as that of research papers but the language is not.Research papers usually use the third person language and not directspeech. The essay does not meet the chronology of research papers.