Personal Statement Sustainability Leadership

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PersonalStatement: Sustainability Leadership

PersonalStatement: Sustainability Leadership

Ilook at sustainability leadership as the ability to take mindfulactions and embrace behaviors that effective positive economic,social, and environmental change. I have made a significantcontribution to sustainability leadership at various stages of mylife, sometimes in the informal manner and sometimes in professionalor formal set up. One of the most significant sustainabilityleadership experiences of my life was to become an ETF Fund Managerat HSBC between 2010 and 2012. While working at HSBC, I was given theresponsibility to perform a strategic review of Passive EquityInfrastructure Platform and then develop scalable and a soundplatform for passive equity strategies. The main objective of thisproject was to tap the long-term savings and channel them into a poolof infrastructure projects, which is part of the economicsustainability strategies. The successful completion of the projecthelped me demonstrate my ability to drive change, network with otherpeople as well as institutions, and convert complex scenarios intoopportunities for my organization.

Ibelieve that a sustainability leader should have a long-term visionand be able to make a significant difference in the organization,irrespective of his position in the leadership hierarchy. By this Imean that the sustainability leadership is not determined by one’sjob position, by the leadership qualities of an individual person. Myemployment at Blackrock as an assistant portfolio manager between2007 and 2010 gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my qualities as asuitability leader. Although I was younger than my senior docketmanager and less experienced, I was able to apply a long-termperspective in the development of the project dubbed “iShare fundAUM” that was valued $ 4.5 million. I led a team that formulatedstrategies that helped the organization in launching the fund in newmarkets, which was part of Blackrock’s plan and a vision to achievesustainable financial growth.

Moreover,I engaged with corporate governance, risk management, and marketingteams in the formulation of the Sustainability ResponsibilityInvestment Policy in the companies that I have served. I was able todemonstrate these sustainability leadership qualities in one of myrecent job position as a Smart Beta Product Specialist and anAssociate Direct at HSBC between 2012 and 2015. I utilized my jobposition to liaise with clients and market makers and find the bestprices for the company. This also resulted in the establishment ofthe long-term relationship between the company and the two categoriesof stakeholders, which created a platform for sustainable growth inmarket share and profitability.

Althoughthe leadership qualities related to economic and financialsustainability may be attribute to pressure from the employer, one’sengagement in social and environmental sustainability is ademonstration of personal commitment. I demonstrated my commitment tosocial sustainability by partnering with Action Medical Research,which is a charity organization that helps sick children. This ispart of my desire to contribute towards improvement in the quality oflife of the members of the society. In addition, I have partneredwith numerous local community groups in enlightening members of thesociety on the significance of adopting lifestyles and practices thatare friendly and lead to environmental sustainability. For aninstant, being part of the community groups that educate people onthe significance of protecting local forests and proper disposal ofwaste is among my environmental sustainability initiatives.

Inconclusion, my past leadership experience as an employee of differentcompanies and engagement in community projects indicates that I haveadequate sustainability leadership qualities. In addition, I havemanaged to demonstrate my capacity to assume leadership positions bygoing beyond my employers’ expectations and helping their companiesestablish long-term strategies that give these firms a sustainablegrowth, even long after finding a job in another company. Moreover,my engagement in community programs that do not have financialrewards is an indication of my commitment to sustainable development.Therefore, my previous experience, voluntary qualifications, and workexperience confirm my potential to occupy a leadership role.