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Oneof the operation management techniques used in our proposal is theTotal Quality Management technique. This method is salient because itis effective and it will work towards reducing the time taken for thestudents to be served. The technique will also help in the deliveryof efficient and quality services to the students as they acquire thesandwiches. The students’ needs in this case are improved. Thetechniques aim at providing quality, timely and efficient services tothe customers (Mukherjee,2010).

Calculationof productivity

Fromthe operation management technique, productivity will be calculatedas follows

Productivity=timetaken in minutes*number of sand witches produced per minute*number ofstudents served.

Oneof the techniques of TQM evident in our proposal is the use offlowcharts. They enhance the modeling of processes, identification ofproblems and ascertainment of decision points (Charantimath,2011).Given that Total Quality management focuses on meeting the needs ofthe customer through planning, the needs of the students will beprioritized as highlighted in our proposal. Basically, this isbecause one employee cannot afford to make sandwiches of more thanone student at a time. Since one of the tools in Total Qualitymanagement is support services, time taken in the preparation of thesandwiches will reduce since the devices of passing communication areplaced 10 minutes away from the delivery point. In regard to ourproposal the main problem is the time constraint in which thestudents take much time to be served thus becoming late in class. Asdepicted in the flowchart the challenge will be overcome since theextra sandwiches demanded will be made by other employees. Forexample, from the chart the second and third orders are needed at thesame time, to save on time an employee is called to make theadditional sandwich. In this instance the decision point is arrivedby adding an employee.

Thefactor which determines the order winner is the time taken to makethe sandwiches ready for consumption. According to our proposal, thefirst order takes a period of 6 minutes. This is because it will onlytake 6 minutes for the sandwich to be prepared by one employee.However the other two orders are made at the same time, this willrequirean addition of one employee. Therefore, the number ofemployees required in the activity dictates the winning of an order.The rate at which the sandwiches are made .The order qualifier in theproposal is the number of sandwiches available and the ability tosupply the orders. Hence, the Cafeteria management department willensure that the sandwiches are available at their disposal.


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