Physical Beauty Vs Inner Beauty

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PhysicalBeauty Vs Inner Beauty

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PhysicalBeauty Vs Inner Beauty

Beautyis defined as good looks, good appearance or good qualities whichinclude character and behavior. Different people, however, havedifferent definitions, but one crucial definition stands out. It`s anappealing look to those who define it. This essay endeavors tocompare and contrast physical and inner beauty with an aim ofreaching a better understanding.

Physicalbeauty can be seen and touched. It can be identified by use of thesense of sight. On the other hand, inner beauty cannot be seen by thenaked eye and is determined by assessing other qualities of a person.Inner beauty therefore can only be felt.

Physicalbeauty can be determined instantly on sight of an individual. Onedoesn`t require time to make an analysis to determine if a person isphysically beautiful .On the other hand it takes a lot of time toconclude that someone has an inner beauty. One requires spending timewith such persons to arrive at a conclusion that they are inwardlybeautiful. In other words, it`s a process to assess inner beautywhile physical beauty is determined instantly on seeing the person.

Physicalbeauty changes and fades depending on the age of the individual. Itcould also change due to other circumstances such as injuries causedby accidents. Inner beauty, on the other hand, does not change orfade since it`s based on the character and other traits of anindividual. Inner beauty exists as long as the person lives.

Inconclusion, there are two types of beauty physical and inner beauty.The two types are different in scope and definition. The maindifference, however, is that one can be seen while the other can onlybe felt.